The Complete Guide to Strategic Marketing for the Cardiovascular Service Line

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The Complete Guide to Strategic Marketing for the Cardiovascular Service Line

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The Complete Guide to Strategic Marketing for the Cardiovascular Service Line

Charles W. Franc

The Complete Guide to Strategic Marketing for the Cardiovascular Service Line

Understanding the essence of strategic marketing concepts, their application to the management of cardiovascular (CV) services, and their fundamental role in the day-to-day management of the CV service line is critical to developing a high-performance enterprise and to earning buy-in from key constituencies and a return on your marketing investment.

This book presents key marketing concepts, practical tools, and straightforward ideas to augment a CV service line administrator's ever-expanding skill set, help overall service line performance, and create real value.

Learn from cardiovascular service line leaders how to:

  • Adapt six major success trends for your unique market environme
  • Leverage marketing's role in strategic management for CV service line success
  • Develop and employ marketing tools for service line success, including the marketing plan, marketing research, marketing audit, market position, brand management, and result monitoring
  • Effectively use social media to position your CV service line for growth.

Take a look at the table of contents

  • Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Strategic Marketing
    • The Definition of Marketing
    • The Exchange Relationship
    • The Marketing Mix
    • The Marketing Audit
    • Creating a Marketing Plan
  • Chapter 2: Marketing's Role in Strategic Management
    • Cardiovascular Marketing and the Service Line Structure
    • Marketing Reflects Strategic Direction
    • Working with Physicians
  • Chapter 3: Healthcare Trends and Their Marketing Implications
    • Six Keys for Success for Cardiovascular Services in the Coming Decade
    • Marketing Implications of Keys for Success
  • Chapter 4: The Strategic Marketing Audit
    • Focus Areas for Cardiovascular Services
    • Marketing Context
    • Identifying Market Needs for Cardiovascular Services
  • Chapter 5: Planning and Developing New Programs and Services
    • How Are Cardiovascular Opportunities Identified?
    • Feasibility Assessment
    • Business Planning
    • Market Research Steps
    • Researching Payer and Employer Ne
  • Chapter 6: Marketing Information and Research
    • What Is Market Research?
    • The Market Research Process
    • Researching Market Size and Share
    • Researching Patient Satisfaction
    • Researching Payer and Employer Needs
    • Researching Community Image/Brand Awareness
    • Marketing Information Systems
  • Chapter 7: Understanding and Using the Marketing Mix
    • Product (or Service)
    • Branding Strategy
  • Chapter 8: Market Positioning, Differentiation, and Branding
    • Differentiating Cardiovascular Services
    • Branding
    • Affiliation Strategy
  • Chapter 9: Web Presence and the Role of Social Media
    • Social Media Platforms
    • Social Network Analysis
  • Chapter 10: Developing a Practical Marketing Plan
    • Case Study: Cardiac Surgery Marketing Plan
    • Marketing Budget and Performance
  • Chapter 11: Marketing Self-Assessment
    • Ways to be Successful With Service Line Marketing
    • Ways to Fail With Service Line Marketing

Meet the Authors

John W. Meyer, MPH, FACHE
Senior Manager of Charles Franc & Associates, Inc.
Meyer has over three decades of healthcare experience in hospital administration, strategic business development, and strategic marketing. He has extensive experience as vice president of planning and vice president of marketing for Southern California hospitals, including community, tertiary, nonprofit, and proprietary. Specializing in strategic planning, market strategy development, and service line development, he has gained considerable expertise in specialty service lines including cardiovascular, advanced imaging, orthopedics, neurosciences, and oncology. 


Charles W. Franc
Founder and President of Charles Franc & Associates, Inc.
Franc has more than 35 years of healthcare experience in administration, technical, and clinical areas. He has been the lead consultant for more than 250 cardiovascular services consulting engagements. Prior to establishing Charles Franc & Associates, Inc., Franc was a principal and senior vice president of cardiovascular consulting services for a national healthcare consulting firm that specialized in clinical services planning and development. His last hospital-based management position was as the director of cardiology for a large, tertiary cardiovascular hospital in Southern California.


Published: November 2011