Chapter Leader's Guide to Emergency Management, Second Edition

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Chapter Leader's Guide to Emergency Management, Second Edition

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Chapter Leader's Guide to Emergency Management, Second Edition

Quick, concise standard explanations for Emergency Management chapter leaders

Chapter Leader's Guide to Emergency Management, Second Edition breaks down The Joint Commission's Emergency Management requirements into easy-to-understand solutions to meet the challenges of these complex standards. You get simplified explanations of the chapter's key components along with communication techniques to help foster a strong and successful partnership between survey coordinator, chapter leader and staff of all levels.

Plus, to make staff training easy, this guide includes a downloadable PowerPoint® presentation highlighting key compliance takeaways and other valuable tools.

Benefits of Chapter Leader's Guide to Emergency Management, Second Edition: 

  • Build an interdisciplinary team to ensure Emergency Management compliance
  • Achieve buy-in and support from leadership
  • Educate staff of all levels on compliance utilizing ready-made tools and strategies
  • Use practical advice from a seasoned expert in the field to avoid RFIs on your next survey

What’s inside:

  • Keep your facility up to speed on the ever-increasing emergency management requirements
  • Pinpoint compliance loopholes in your current emergency management program
  • Understand what it means to be prepared for an emergency under Joint Commission and CMS standards
  • Educate and prepare organizational leaders to take a key role in emergency preparedness
  • Ensure the highest possible level of preparedness and cooperation within your community

Tools includes with this resource:

  • 96-Hour Operational Impact Chart
  • Hospital Emergency Management Event Activations Score Summary
  • CMS-Joint Commission Gap Analysis
  • Incident Command System Activation Tool
  • Sample Critique Form
  • Plus: EMM Power Point Presentation

Published: March 2019

Page count: 160
Dimensions: 7” X 9”
ISBN: 978-1-68308-915-5

Table of Contents

Part I: State of Preparedness

  • Role of Leaders
  • Understanding the Community
  • Understanding Healthcare
  • It Shouldn’t Take a Crisis to Make a Leader
  • Understanding Resiliency

Part 2: The 96-Hour Principle

  • National Response Plan
  • The Joint Commission’s Role
  • Extending Survivability

Part 3: The Value of Exercises

  • The Emergency Operations Plan
  • The Benefits of Exercises

Part 4: Effective Survey Preparation

  • The Advent of Unannounced Surveys
  • Types of Surveyors

Part 5: Who Speaks for the Children?

  • The National Commission Children and Disasters

Appendix A: Joint Commission Emergency Management Standard Checklist

About the Author

Thomas J. Huser, MS, CHSP, CHEP, MEMS, is a health and safety professional with more than 33 years of healthcare and public safety experience. Huser has published numerous articles in the Journal of Healthcare Security on topics such as disaster drill planning, emergency decontamination, incident command systems, and hazard communication programs.