PROPEL Teamwide Training

Advisory Services

The PROPEL Difference

PROPEL is a year-round training and education program, designed to help healthcare leaders provide comprehensive and consistent training to all staff, from new hires to experienced team members. We offer 100% virtual delivered training solutions, making it easy for your staff to access no matter where they’re located. PROPEL is your growth partner for achieving compliance and maximizing efficiencies across the revenue cycle, through its key features:

  • Customized Education. Through conversations with your leadership, we develop and deliver training that provides the guidance you need to conquer your top challenges. Our web portals enable a fully virtual training solution that can be easily deployed throughout your organization.
  • Focused And Timely Industry Updates. Compliance is critical in this industry, but the ever-changing regulations make it difficult to keep up. We track and analyze the latest guidance and regulatory changes and deliver it to you in clear, concise training sessions, sourced directly to government-issued guidelines.
  • Ask-The-Expert. We have some of the industry’s most notable regulatory specialists on our staff and as a PROPEL member, you now have exclusive access to their wealth of knowledge.
  • Extensive Training Resources. From monthly education calls with our team of instructors to online training modules, curated webinars, live virtual or in-person instructor-led trainings, and top-tier access professional resources, our blended learning solutions leverage multiple instructional formats to meet your team’s diverse learning needs.

Markets We Serve

We help healthcare leaders deliver comprehensive and consistent training across the following areas of healthcare:

Clinical Documentation Integrity

As the parent-company of the Association of Clinical Documentation Integrity Specialists (ACDIS), our CDI education specialists bring the ACDIS standard of excellence to PROPELCDI members. They work with your team to implement ACDIS-approved best practices for compliant record review and CDI practice.

Medical Coding

Designed for professionals in diverse coding environments, PROPELCoding keeps your entire team proficient, attuned to code and guideline changes, and earning continuing education credits that will help them maintain their credentials.


Let our experts take the guesswork out of compliance with PROPELMedicare. We will help you track regulatory updates, resolve billing and compliance questions, and implement new processes to stay compliant with complex regulations.

Revenue Cycle Management

PROPELRevenue Cycle is an integrated training solution that provides CDI, coding, and staff responsible for Medicare billing and compliance with one consistent message related to compliant practice.


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