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Equip your CDI team with the technology they need to move the needle on accuracy, efficiency, productivity, and reimbursement.

ACDIS PRO delivers all the decision-making information necessary to conduct medical record reviews in an easy to reference online tool!  CDI specialists rely on ACDIS PRO as their go-to resource for trusted clinical indicators for compliant and effective physician queries. Quickly look up the latest clinical definitions, diagnostic criteria, treatment protocols, coding considerations, and critical thinking tips for over 90 clinical conditions.

Its user-friendly design provides convenient search and sort features. Customization capabilities allow you to make notes, bookmark tips, and set reminders that only you can see upon login. Regular updates give you access to the latest query, coding, and documentation changes as they happen!

Introducing Patient Safety Indicators!

And now, ACDIS PRO provides the information CDI specialists need to understand which codes trigger a patient safety indicator (PSI) in the Patient Safety and Adverse Events Composite (PSI 90) and which exclude the patient encounter from reporting.

When reviewing records for encounters that could trigger a PSI in PSI 90, CDI specialists want to ensure that all information is captured correctly. Erroneously reported PSIs might indicate your hospital is delivering lower quality of care!  Did you know that with certain CMS quality measures organizations that report higher quality of care receive greater reimbursement for Medicare patients? Ensure your organization is receiving the reimbursement it deserves!

 ACDIS PRO provides users with access to the information needed to properly report these PSIs and to identify exclusions that would remove an encounter from a PSI, resulting in a positive impact on their organizations’ reimbursement rates.

With ACDIS PRO you can:

  • Simplify CDI! Increase productivity with our smart search functionality and search by clinical condition or MDC category to locate the guidance you need in less than a second.
  • Ensure accuracy and minimize denial risk! Updated in real-time, get the latest expert and official guidance you need to ensure accuracy and compliance. Each clinical condition includes a detailed definition, diagnostic criteria and treatment protocols, ICD-10-CM chapter-specific documentation requirements, and CDI critical thinking tips.
  • Make it your own! Customize the application to your specific needs with personalized notes, bookmarks, links between conditions, and shortcuts to ensure consistency and maximize efficiency. Bonus: If you manage a team of CDI specialists, create notes that alert your entire team to facility policies for certain clinical conditions.
  • Use it on any device! Our web-responsive design allows the tool to be used on your phone, tablet, PC, or laptop.

Want to know more? View a brief 6 minute demo now!

PG online demo

Just some of the specific information users can access in the office or on the go include:

  • 70+ clinical conditions most searched by CDI specialists
  • 100+ CDI critical thinking and provider tips that guide you and raise red flags and identify documentation risk points, at your fingertips.
  • 150+ clinical definitions, diagnostic criteria, treatment protocols and coding considerations you’ll need to reference as you’re making critical decisions.
  • Icons on those conditions with the highest level of severity and hospital resource consumption
  • News, updates and resources so that you can stay abreast of the most recent happenings affecting CDI professionals.

NOTE: If you’re interested in purchasing the online version for multiple users within your organization and/or would like to see a demo of the product, please contact Sales at 615-724-7200 or email