ACDIS Outpatient PRO

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ACDIS Outpatient PRO

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ACDIS Outpatient PRO

CDI’s Trusted Platform to Navigate Outpatient Medical Record Reviews

ACDIS Outpatient PRO delivers all the decision-making information necessary to conduct medical record reviews in an easy to reference online tool!  CDI specialists rely on ACDIS Outpatient PRO as their go-to resource for trusted clinical indicators for compliant and effective physician queries, and at-a-glance, easy-to-use diagnosis and Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) references. This is the essential resource for outpatient coding guidance, HCC updates, compliant query best practices and standards, E/M requirements, and diagnostic definitions.

  • Quickly look up the latest clinical definitions, diagnostic criteria, treatment protocols, sample queries, coding considerations, and critical thinking tips for over 90 clinical conditions.
  • Search and sort, take notes, bookmark tips, and set reminders within your own customizable user interface.
  • Benefit from regular automated updates to query, coding, and documentation changes as they happen so your reference is never out of date.*

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Just some of the specific information users can access in the office or on the go include:

  • 90+ clinical conditions most searched by CDI specialists
  • 100+ CDI critical thinking and provider tips that guide you and raise red flags and identify documentation risk points, at your fingertips.
  • 150+ clinical definitions, diagnostic criteria, treatment protocols and coding considerations you’ll need to reference as you’re making critical decisions.
  • News, updates and resources so that you can stay abreast of the most recent happenings affecting CDI professionals.

NOTE: If you’re interested in purchasing the online version for multiple users within your organization and/or would like to see a demo of the product, please contact Sales at 615-724-7200 or email


With ACDIS PRO you can: 

  • Simplify CDI! Increase productivity with our smart search functionality and search by clinical condition or HCC category to locate the guidance you need in less than a second.
  • Ensure accuracy and minimize denial risk! Updated in real-time, get the latest expert and official guidance you need to ensure accuracy and compliance. Each clinical condition includes a detailed definition, diagnostic criteria and treatment protocols, ICD-10-CM chapter-specific documentation requirements, and CDI critical thinking tips.
  • Make it your own! Customize the application to your specific needs with personalized notes, bookmarks, links between conditions, and shortcuts to ensure consistency and maximize efficiency. Bonus: If you manage a team of CDI specialists, create notes that alert your entire team to facility policies for certain clinical conditions.
  • Use it on any device! Our web-responsive design allows the tool to be used on your phone, tablet, PC, or laptop.