The Big Book of Resident Activities, Second Edition

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The Big Book of Resident Activities, Second Edition

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The Big Book of Resident Activities, Second Edition

Debbie R. Bera, ADC

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ latest revised Conditions of Participation place a stronger emphasis on person-centered care and resident preferences, a realm where activities serve as a core concept. However, current residents are more discerning than ever before and have different interests than they used to. Planning and designing new activities that fit diverse resident needs, all while keeping them active and engaged, is a major challenge for long-term care professionals.

The Big Book of Resident Activities, Second Edition outlines more than 100 specific activity ideas by target audience, timeframe, recommended group size, and cognitive function. No matter what the clinical condition or cognitive limitation, this book offers activities that suit each resident’s distinct needs and interests. Tools and downloads for activity professionals include sample care plans and resident assessments, sample activity calendars, and sample press releases, posters, and letters to keep family members involved and boost your facility’s reputation.

This resource also provides an overview of the new federal regulation updates that affect activity programs such as changes in resident assessment, Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) requirements, new requirements for staff, volunteer, and dementia training, and updated survey processes.

What’s new? 

This new edition of The Big Book of Resident Activities covers: 

  • Updates to F-Tags and federal regulations that apply to activities in long-term care 
  • Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) requirements 
  • New requirements for staff, volunteer, and dementia training 
  • Changes in activity programs due to the coming of the baby boomer generation 
  • New activity ideas in every chapter and added chapters for accommodating the baby boomer generation, after-hours activities, and the latest regulatory compliance guidance 

This book features:

  • New and updated activity plans created by industry experts responding to specific resident needs 
  • An explanation of F-tags and federal regulations as they apply to activities in long-term care 
  • Training advice for non-activity staff, to get everyone involved 
  • Chapters devoted to residents with unique activity needs, including: 
    • Alzheimer’s and dementia residents 
    • Residents of the baby boomer generation 
    • Bariatric residents 
    • Short-term stay residents 
    • Nonambulatory residents 
    • After-hours activities

About the Author:

Debbie R. Bera, ADC, has 38 years of long-term care experience with 29 years in the activities field. She became a certified activity director with the National Certification Council of Activity Professionals in 1990 and became credentialed Activity Consultant Board Certified (AP-NC) with the National Association of Activity Professionals Credentialing Center (NAAPCC) when it established the credentialing council. She holds a basic and advanced supervisory certificate and has an associate’s degree in Applied Science Supervisory Management. She is a dementia care specialist through the Alzheimer’s Association and completed the Dementia Care Curriculum through the National Council of Certified Dementia Practioners. Bera also completed the National Association of Activity Professionals (NAAP) Consultant/Mentor training. She has served as the NAAP public relations trustee and the NAAP vice president and has held multiple leadership positions, including president, vice president, and secretary for Wisconsin Representatives of Activity Professionals (WRAP), president and secretary for the Central Wisconsin Activity Association, and WRAP regional representative.

Published: July 27, 2018

ISBN: 978-1-68308-559-1 
Page Count: 450
Dimensions: 8.5” x 11” 

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: How to Create an Effective and Compliant Activities Program

How Activities Impact Your Facility 
Employee Engagement 
Cross-Training Care Attendants 
Additional Talking Points 
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Regulations 
Investigative Protocol 
Final Thoughts on the Final Rule 
New CMS Survey Process to Debut in Late 2017

Chapter 2: Sample Activity Care Plans

Chapter 3: Activities for Baby Boomers

Chapter 4: Holiday, Special Event, and Themed Activities

Activity: Labor Day 
Activity: Veterans Day 
Activity: Christmas Around the World 
Activity: ‘50s Day 
Activity: Annual King and Queen of Hearts Dance 
Activity: Annual Sweetheart Dinner 
Activity: Back-to-School Week (August or September Event) 
Activity: Beach/Hawaiian Day 
Activity: Camping Week (or Day) 
Activity: Chinese New Year Theme Day 
Activity: Cruise Week 
Activity: Dairy Days Theme Week (June) 
Activity: Folk Fair 
Activity: Elite 90s Luncheon 
Activity: Grandparents’ Day Party 
Activity: Halloween Party 
Activity: Mardi Gras Theme Day 
Activity: Mexican Fiesta Day 
Activity: New Year’s Celebration 
Activity: President’s Day Silhouettes 
Activity: Resident Academy Awards 
Activity: Senior Prom 
Activity: Spring Fling Party/Social 
Activity: St. Patrick’s Day Party/Social 
Activity: Thanksgiving Blessings 
Activity: Thanksgiving Social 
Activity: Wedding Week 
Activity: Western Day 
Activity: Wine and Cheese Tasting 
Activity: Winter Charades 
Activity: Winter Olympics Week

Chapter 5: Activities for Residents with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Behavioral Issues

Dementia Care Best Practices 
Stages of Dementia 
Activities for Residents with Dementia 
Activity: ABC Game 
Activity: Afternoon Multisensory Room Program 
Activity: Music Bingo 
Activity: Creative Expressive 
Activity: Creative Writing Group 
Activity: Dice Game 
Activity: Duster Ball 
Activity: Evening Dementia Program 
Activity: Five Alive 
Activity: Hidden Treasures Sensory 
Activity: Match Game 
Activity: Memory Matching 
Activity: Morning Wake-Up Sensory Program 
Activity: Name Five 
Activity: Noodle Exercise 
Activity: Relaxation Music with Movement 
Activity: Rice Bag Sensory 
Activity: Rise and Shine 
Activity: Seashell Sensory 
Activity: Sorting Box 
Activity: Therapeutic Massage 
Activity: Light Therapy 
Activity: Nursery Rhymes 
Activity: Proverbs 
Activity: Finish the Song Lyrics 
Activity: Using the iPad and Apps for Residents with Dementia 
Activity: Spoons Card Game 
Activity: Higher Lower Card Game 
Activity: Table Games 
Activity: Sequence Card Game 
Activity: Ninety-Nine Card Game 
Activity: Pig Dice Game 
Activity: Mindfulness Sensory Activity 
Activity: Prayer and Scripture Sensory Activity

Chapter 6: Adapting and Modifying Activities to Accommodate Individual Resident Needs

Chapter 7: Activities for Younger Residents and Short-Term Stay Residents

Activity: Daily Crossword or Trivia 
Activity: Library Cart 
Activity: Martial Arts/Adapted Taekwondo 
Activity: Pilates 
Activity: Social Time 
Activity: Tai Chi 
Activity: Walking Club 
Activity: Weekend Trivia 
Activity: Welcome Initiative 
Activity: Yoga 
Activity: Gotta Have a Java 
Activity: Tail Gate Party 
Activity: Art Cart 
Activity: Learn to Paint Class 
Activity: Learn to Draw Class 
Activity: Route 66 Week 
Activity: National Parks Week 
Activity: Who Doesn’t Love Chocolate? 
Activity: Puzzled? 
Activity: Table Games 
Activity: Using the iPad and Apps for High Cognitive Functioning

Chapter 8: Activities for Men

Activity: 6, 5, 4 Dice Game 
Activity: Men’s Card Club 
Activity: Men’s Club Breakfast/Luncheon 
Activity: Men’s Club Grill-Out or Picnic 
Activity: Men’s Gathering/Coffee and Gab Session 
Activity: Romeo Club 
Activity: Turkey Shoot 
Activity: Casino/Poker Night 
Activity: Vaudeville Night 
Activity: Gangster Party 
Activity: World War II: Impact on America 
Activity: Civil War 
Activity: Underground Railroad 
Activity: History of Aviation 
Activity: Railroads 
Activity: Virtual Museum Tour 
Activity: Virtual Lighthouse Tour and Painting Session 
Activity: Say Cheese 
Activity: Pizza Party 
Activity: Earth Day 
Activity: Father’s Day 
Activity: Hunting 
Activity: Cranberry Bog

Chapter 9: Activities for Women

Activity: Cooking Club 
Activity: Devotional/Prayer Group 
Activity: Fashion Show 
Activity: Fondue Party/Social 
Activity: Gardening Club 
Activity: Red Hat Society 
Activity: Scrapbooking 
Activity: Spa Day 
Activity: Tea Social/Gourmet Coffee Social 
Activity: Book Club 
Activity: Dance Club (Sitting Routines) 
Activity: Women’s History Month 
Activity: The Fabric of Our Lives 
Activity: Home Remedies 
Activity: Essential Oils

Chapter 10: Activities for Bariatric Residents

Activity: Bariatric Ball Exercise 
Activity: Bariatric Cooking Class 
Activity: Bariatric Exercise

Chapter 11: One-On-One Activities

Activity: Memories 
Activity: Morning Stretch 
Activity: Weather Station 
Activity: Guided Imagery

Chapter 12: Sample Activities Calendar

Chapter 13: Involving Residents and Family Members in Activities

Activity: Annual Picnic 
Activity: Comfort Cart 
Activity: Craft and Bake Sale 
Activity: Facility Dog Show 
Activity: Father’s Day Brunch 
Activity: Fun Fair 
Activity: Memorial Service 
Activity: Mother’s Day Tea Social 
Activity: Outdoor Campfire Night 
Activity: Resident/Family Christmas Tea Social 
Activity: Wishing Well 
Activity: June Dairy Days 
Activity: Mexican Fiesta 
Activity: Disney Day 
Activity: Safari Day 
Activity: Irish American Heritage 
Activity: Native American Heritage

Chapter 14: After-Hours Activities

Providing Items on Units for Independent Leisure 
Activity Groups Provided by Other Staff