The OSHA Mock Inspection Made Simple

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The OSHA Mock Inspection Made Simple

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The OSHA Mock Inspection Made Simple

Sarah Alholm, MAS

This book is a comprehensive self-inspection guide for outpatient medical practices. Safety officers can use the tools in the book to evaluate their program and identify opportunities for improvement and education. Managers of multi-location practices will find this resource invaluable for conducting a thorough compliance assessment of remote physician offices, clinics, and other facilities that are assessed less regularly.

The strategies outlined in this book are data-driven, with each topic stemming from real OSHA citations issued to ambulatory medical facilities within the last two years. These are the areas where OSHA inspectors are focusing and fining organizations.

This book will give you:

  • Tools to assess OSHA compliance
  • A breakdown of what OSHA inspectors look for during inspections
  • An evaluation form to conduct a mock inspection of your records review process
  • Documentation to help you conduct the walkthrough portion of the self-assessment
  • Templates for written plans that you can customize for your facility
  • Sample exposure control and emergency action plans


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • About the Author
  • Chapter 1: OSHA 101: Employee Safety, Inspections, and Violations
  • Chapter 2: Top Concerns: Bloodborne Pathogens and Hazard Communication
  • Chapter 3: General Safety Standards That Apply Universally
  • Chapter 4: Additional Standards and Areas of Focus            
  • Chapter 5: The Records Review        
  • Chapter 6: The Facility Walkthrough
  • Appendix A: OSHA State Plans
  • Appendix B: Example Exposure Control Plan
  • Appendix C: Example Written Hazard Communication Program
  • Appendix D: Example Emergency Action Plan
  • Appendix E: Post-Inspection Actions


Meet the Author

Sarah Alholm, MAS, has applied her safety knowledge at organizations large and small for over 10 years. Before partnering with HCPro, she was the lead OSHA technical expert at Quality America, Inc., a healthcare consulting firm that helped medical and dental practices comply with OSHA regulations. She also served at Baxter Healthcare Corporation, where she implemented procedural and engineering controls that reduced occupational risk for laboratory personnel. Alholm has developed successful safety training programs for both the healthcare and aviation industries. Her experience also includes curriculum development and execution addressing communication among members of high-performance teams, risk management, and OSHA hazard communication.

Published: January 2015

Page count: 300
Dimensions: 8.5x11