The Medical Staff Office Manual: Tools and Techniques for Success, Second Edition

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The Medical Staff Office Manual: Tools and Techniques for Success, Second Edition

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The Medical Staff Office Manual: Tools and Techniques for Success, Second Edition

The Medical Staff Office Manual: Tools and Techniques for Success, Second Edition is a comprehensive guide that maps every aspect of the medical staff services department, from onboarding and orienting practitioners to querying other facilities for practitioner information and effectively collaborating with physician leadership.

This updated 'must-have' training resource will also provide chapters on many of the new issues MSPs are now facing, and how to apply traditional job functions to things such as expanding location and provider types.

In this in-depth manual, author Marna Sorensen, CMPSM, provides MSPs with guidance on their role in an organization, quick access to accreditation and regulatory information, and job descriptions and customizable forms to simplify a constantly growing list of daily responsibilities.

This book will help you:

  • Consolidate everything you need to do your job into one place
  • Detail procedures for all of your daily tasks, including practitioner data queries, acceptance letters, job descriptions, and performance reporting
  • Demonstrate what you do on a daily basis and clearly define your many roles as an MSP—no more questioning who is responsible for what!
  • Update medical staff services department functions and get the word out using the new technologies at your disposal

Published: March 2019

Page Count: 320
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11
ISBN: 978-1-68308-892-9

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Organized Medical Staff

Standards Bodies
Medical Staff Structure
Medical Staff Committees and Functions
Governing Board
Department/Service Line/Division Chiefs
Medical Staff Categories
The MSP’s Place in This Picture

Chapter 2: The Medical Staff Services Department

Structure of the Medical Staff Services Department
MSP Staffing: The "Right" Level
Responsibilities of the MSP
Medical Staff Support
Medical Staff Services Software

Chapter 3: Credentialing

Credentialing Best Practices
Outsourcing the Credentialing Process
Managed Care
Initial Application Process for Physicians and APPs
Response Review
Input and Review
Credentialing APPs
Overview of Selected Credentialing and Privileging Standards

Chapter 4: Clinical Privileges

Clinical Data and References
Privileging Approaches
Special Privileging Considerations
The Privileging Process
Types of Privileges
Leave of Absence
Clinical Privilege Form Review

Chapter 5: Peer Review

The Role of the MSP in Peer Review
Data Sources
Participants in the Review Process
Performance and Reporting
Circumstances Requiring External Review
Initial Peer Review or Peer Review for Specific Circumstances (FPPE)
Ongoing Peer Review (OPPE)
Peer Review Time Frames

Chapter 6: Administration

Meeting Management
Orientation for New Medical Staff Members
Public Relations

Chapter 7: Sharing What You Know

Case Studies

Chapter 8: A Word on Retirement

About the Author

Marna Sorensen, CPMSM, is the former director of medical staff services at Portneuf Medical Center, a comprehensive regional medical center in Pocatello, Idaho. Still active in the industry, she has close to 25 years of experience in the medical staff services field and has held various positions with the National Association Medical Staff Services (NAMSS). She is past president of the Idaho Association Medical Staff Services chapter and current newsletter editor. Sorensen serves on the Credentialing Resource Center News, Analysis, and Education Board.