Drug Diversion Prevention in Healthcare, Second Edition

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Drug Diversion Prevention in Healthcare, Second Edition

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Drug Diversion Prevention in Healthcare, Second Edition

The theft of drugs and medicines by staff has vexed the healthcare industry for centuries —and with the opioid epidemic diversion the stakes are higher than ever. Drug Diversion Prevention in Healthcare, Second Edition is loaded with tools and info showing you how to make a solid prevention plan. This new edition also contains case studies and real-life examples of how healthcare staff diverted drugs, how they were caught, and the steps taken afterwards.

Written by diversion prevention expert Kim New, this book is designed to help nursing, patient safety, and hospital security officials foster awareness of drug diversion, fight the “it can’t happen here” mentality, keep staff accountable, and monitor and audit the drugs moving through your facility to ensure they reach the right patient.

This book will help you:

  • Learn the tell-tale signs of potential diversion
  • Fight the “It can’t happen here” mentality
  • Create awareness among staff using tools and checklists 
  • Establish an effective and proactive drug diversion prevention plan
  • Learn to recognize suspected diverters and mitigate problem areas in your hospital 
  • Effectively confront and deal with diverters in your facility 
  • Create audits that monitor drug distribution, from delivery to patient administration

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Published: March 2020

Page Count: 160
Dimensions: 8.5 X 11
ISBN: 978-1-64535-004-0

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Drug Diversion

Chapter 2: Establishing a Prevention Program

Chapter 3: Regulatory Requirements and Best Practices

Chapter 4: Staff Education

Chapter 5: Diversion Risk Rounds

Chapter 6: Surveillance and Physical Security

Chapter 7: Patterns of Drug Diversion

Chapter 8: Special Considerations

Chapter 9: When to Suspect Diversion

Chapter 10: Methods of Diversion

Chapter 11: Investigation of Suspected Diversion

Chapter 12: Response to Confirmed Diversion


About the Author

Kimberly New, BSN, JD, is the founder and principal consultant of Diversion Specialists, a firm specializing in detecting, preventing, and responding to drug diversion by healthcare personnel. New has extensive clinical experience as a nurse and years of experience as a healthcare lawyer. She’s also worked as a compliance officer at both a large long-term care company and an academic medical center.