Chapter Leader's Guide to Environment of Care: Practical Insight on Joint Commission Standards, Second Edition

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Chapter Leader's Guide to Environment of Care: Practical Insight on Joint Commission Standards, Second Edition

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Chapter Leader's Guide to Environment of Care: Practical Insight on Joint Commission Standards, Second Edition

Quick, concise standard explanations for Environment of Care chapter leaders

“This book has significant daily use and will prepare and support facility professionals. The author candidly describes how to make difficult things happen even when other people may not be immediately on board … and the survey preparation is thorough and very user-intuitive. I like the easy-to-follow format. The policy and procedure forms and examples are excellent.
—Stephen J. Thurston, Safety Officer, Emergency Management Coordinator, Indiana University Health

Chapter Leader’s Guide to Environment of Care, Second Edition, breaks down The Joint Commission's complex Environment of Care (EOC) requirements into easy-to-understand solutions. You get simplified explanations of the chapter's key components along with communication techniques to help foster strong and successful partnerships between survey coordinator, chapter leader, and staff of all levels.

Plus, to make staff training easy, this guide includes two downloadable PowerPoint® presentations highlighting key compliance takeaways.

This newly updated resource will help you::

  • Build an interdisciplinary team to ensure EOC compliance
  • Achieve buy-in and support from leadership
  • Educate staff of all levels on compliance utilizing ready-made tools and strategies
  • Use practical advice from a seasoned expert in the field to avoid RFIs on your next survey

What’s inside:

  • Standard-by-standard breakdowns and explanations by a hospital safety veteran and expert
  • Practical advice for successfully communicating with multiple levels of staff to improve buy-in and compliance
  • Quick tip sheets, checklists, and PowerPoint presentations for educating staff
  • Sample mock tracer observations and questions in all areas of EOC
  • Hospital safety and construction risk assessments
  • Dozens of EOC policies, procedures, reports, and maintenance logs
  • Department EOC report card and simplified scoring sheet to better communicate current compliance to department leaders and board members

Published: February 2019

Page count: 162
Dimensions: 7” x 9” perfect bound
ISBN: 978-1-68308-917-9

Table of Contents

  • Part I: Organization and Accountabilities
    • Board of Directors
    • CEO
    • Medical Staff
    • Management
    • Staff
    • Key Players
  • Part 2: Communication and Culture
    • Hospital Staff
    • Departmental Leadership
    • Board of Directors
    • Senior Leadership
  • Part 3: Policy and Procedures
    • Plan (EC.01.01.01)
    • Safety and Security (EC.02.01.01, EC.02.01.03)
    • Hazardous Materials and Waste (EC.02.02.01) 
    • Fire Safety (EC.02.03.01, EC.02.03.03, EC.02.03.05) 
    • Medical Equipment (EC.02.04.01, EC.02.04.03) 
    • Utilities (EC.02.05.01, EC.02.05.03, EC.02.05.05, EC.02.05.07, EC.02.05.09)
    • Other Physical Environment Requirements (EC.02.06.01, EC.02.06.05)
    • Staff Competence (EC.03.01.01) 
    • Monitor and Improve (EC.04.01.01, EC.04.01.03, EC.04.01.05)
  • Part 4: Effective Survey Preparation
    • Education and Training
    • Organization
    • Preparation
    • Data Collection

List of Tools

  • Sample Board of Directors Report
  • Survey Preparation for Physicians: Emergency Management Information
  • Environment of Care Compliance: Sample Observations and Questions
  • Survey Preparation for Staff: Emergency Management Information
  • Security Quick Tips
  • Temperature Logs Quick Tips
  • Maintaining a Safe Environment Quick Tips
  • Emergency Medical Equipment Quick Tips
  • Fire Response Quick Tips
  • Hazardous Materials Quick Tips
  • Medical Equipment Failure Quick Tips
  • Utility Failure Quick Tips
  • Environment of Care Report Card Scoring Worksheet
  • Safety Inspection Report
  • Environment of Care Report Card for Department Leaders
  • Safety Officer Statement of Authority
  • Safety Risk Assessment Tool
  • Officer’s Report of Fall/Injury|
  • Forensic Patient Policy and Procedure
  • Smoking Interventions Log
  • Life Safety System Preventative Maintenance Grid
  • Life Safety Equipment Repairs Log
  • Interim Life Safety Management Implementation Worksheet
  • Safe Medical Device Reporting Policy
  • Emergency Generator Test Log and Report
  • Construction Risk Assessment Form|
  • Employee Environment of Care Survey

EOC PowerPoint presentations:
What You Need to Know to Train Your Staff
Annual Education for Staff

About the Author

Thomas J. Huser, MS, CHSP, CHEP, MEMS, is a health and safety professional with more than 33 years of healthcare and public safety experience. Huser has published numerous articles in the Journal of Healthcare Security on topics such as disaster drill planning, emergency decontamination, incident command systems, and hazard communication programs.