The Infection Control Manual for Outpatient Settings

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The Infection Control Manual for Outpatient Settings

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The Infection Control Manual for Outpatient Settings

Gwen M. Rogers, DBA, RN, CIC

Many hospitals are acquiring or otherwise collaborating with physician practices, but these smaller settings don’t often have the dedicated infection control staff that larger facilities do. In most offices, infection control falls to medical assistants—who have little professional training on the subject. The Infection Control Manual for Outpatient Settings explains the steps physicians and their staff should take to protect patients, employees, and the environment and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. 

This guide will help reduce infection risk with materials such as: 

  • Infection control risk assessment forms specific to the physician’s office 
  • A medical device cleaning checklist for clinical staff 
  • A pre-employment vaccination checklist 
  • A bloodborne pathogen risk assessment 
  • Bloodborne pathogen post-exposure counseling materials 

Table of Contents 

  • Chapter 1: Patient Care 
  • Chapter 2: Preventing the Spread of Infection 
  • Chapter 3: Policy and Procedure 
  • Chapter 4: Infection Control and Patient Management 
  • Chapter 5: Worker Safety 
  • Chapter 6: The Environment: The Office 
  • Chapter 7: The Environment: Waste Disposal 
  • Chapter 8: Medical Devices 
  • Chapter 9: Reportable Diseases 
  • Chapter 10: Education 
  • Appendix A: Infection Prevention Site Risk Assessment 
  • Appendix B: Principles of Surgical Asepsis 
  • Appendix C: Safety Guidelines for the Office Surgical/Procedure Room 
  • Appendix D: Service Animals 
  • Appendix E: Demolition, Construction, and Renovations 
  • Appendix F: Infection Control Survey 
  • Appendix G: Hand Hygiene Data Collection Worksheet 
  • Appendix H: Planning for a Pandemic 
  • Appendix I: Sterilization and High-Level Disinfection: What CMS Surveyors Are Looking For 

About the Author: 

Gwen M. Rogers, DBA, RN, CIC, has been in the nursing field for more than 30 years and has been certified in infection prevention since 1995. She is the founder of Medical Insight LCC, a nursing consultant service, and the co-founder of RNC NurseWork Inc. Rogers is a former president of the Association of Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc., Pine Tree Chapter, and is currently involved in the HAI Collaborating Committee for the state of Maine. 

Published: May 30, 2017

Page Count: 150 

Dimensions: 8.5x11 Perfect Bound 
ISBN: 978-1-68308-499-0