A Marketer's Guide to Measuring Results

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A Marketer's Guide to Measuring Results

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A Marketer's Guide to Measuring Results
Prove the Impact of New Media and Traditional Healthcare Marketing Efforts

Chris Bevolo

Do your marketing efforts make a difference? Prove it.

Analyze the effectiveness of current marketing efforts and implement a long-term measurement discipline through alternative measurement methods.
A Marketer's Guide to Measuring Results: Prove the Impact of New Media and Traditional Healthcare Marketing Efforts provides all the tools you need to confidently measure healthcare marketing results.

Exclusively focused on measuring marketing results in healthcare campaigns including: 

  • Integrated marketing
  • Social and new media
  • Online marketing
  • Patient experience
  • Physician relations
  • Branding
  • Public relations
  • Direct to consumer marketing

Consistently demonstrate the value of your healthcare marketing with:

  • An easy, five-step system for measuring the results of your marketing activities.
  • A long-term marketing measurement discipline that will give you the ammunition you need to defend and even increase your budget.
  • Case studies from five health systems who successfully measure their marketing efforts.
  • An answer to the ultimate push back question: “How do you really know your marketing made a difference?”

Take a look at the table of contents

Chapter 1: Are You Ready for Marketing Measurement?
The Marketing Measurement Transformation
A Rewarding Experience

Chapter 2: Why Measurement Matters
Gain Leaders’ Respect
Minimize Staff and Budget Cuts
Defend Against Political Marketing Requests
Show That Marketing Is a Science
Make It Your Job

Chapter 3: The Current State of Healthcare Marketing Measurement
The Intuitive State of Healthcare Marketing
The Challenges of Measuring Healthcare Marketing Performance

Chapter 4: Types of Marketing Measurement: Financial Metrics
Using ROI to Measure Your Results
The Double-Edged Sword of ROI
When Positive ROI Isn’t Enough

Chapter 5: Behavioral Metrics
Cons of Behavioral Metrics
Types of Behavioral Metrics

Chapter 6: Attitudinal Metrics
The Benefits of Attitudinal Metrics
The Challenges of Attitudinal Metrics
Moving Beyond Traditional Consumer Research

Chapter 7: Other Types of Marketing Measurement Metrics
Search Engine Optimization
Third-party ratings, rankings, and review
fMRI Technology

Chapter 8: Measuring Marketing Activities
A Five-Step Process for Measuring Marketing Activities
Step One: Define the Marketing Activity
Step Two: Identify the Desired Metrics
Step Three: Clarify the Measurement Categories
Step Four: Capture Data
Step Five: Evaluate and Report
Sample Joint Replacement Surgery Center Measurement Report
Joint Replacement Surgery Center Promotional Campaign
Tips for Measuring Marketing Efforts

Chapter 9: Treating Measurement Like a Science
The Inevitable Question: How Do You Know?
Using Controlled Testing in Marketing Efforts
Think Like a Scientist
It’s All About the Variables
Concurrent Baseline Measurement
Multiple Baseline and Relative Comparisons
Take a Scientist’s Attitude

Chapter 10: Measuring Within Specific Marketing Disciplines
Consumer Advertising Measurement
Direct Marketing Measurement
Measuring Brand-Building Efforts
Public Relations Measurement
Online Marketing Measurement
Social Media Marketing Measurement
Measuring Physician Relations Efforts

Chapter 11: Building a Marketing Measurement Discipline
Elements of a Marketing Measurement Discipline
A Simple Process for Developing a Measurement Discipline
Keeping Your Perspective

Chapter 12: Case Studies
Bon Secours Health System: Social Media Campaign
St. Joseph’s Hospital: Integrated Branding Campaign
Covenant Healthcare: Service Line Marketing
Emory Healthcare: Physician Relations Campaign
Fairview Health System: Comprehensive Marketing Measurement

Who will benefit from this book?

Marketing, advertising and PR directors, VPs, and professionals, chief marketing officers, advertising and PR agencies and consultants.

Meet the Authors

Chris Bevolo is founding partner and president of Interval, a healthcare marketing firm in Minnesota. For nearly 20 years he has led the development of brand strategies and campaigns, patient experience strategies, and marketing campaigns for healthcare clients. He is the author of A Marketer’s Guide to Brand Strategy: Advanced techniques for healthcare organizations, published by HealthLeaders Media, as well as numerous articles and white papers.

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Published: April 2010