The 2017 Agency Reference Set

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The 2017 Agency Reference Set

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The 2017 Agency Reference Set

There are many regulatory changes that affect home health agencies each year. Now, home health agencies are faced with several at once: new Conditions of Participation (CoP), a new PPS, and OASIS-C2. 

Enter the 2017 Agency Reference Set. Now in its 17th year, this two-book collection offers the most economical, efficient, and informative solution to help home health agencies understand and address Medicare regulations and compliance. 

For just $299, you’ll receive the 2017 edition of The Home Health Guide to Medicare Service Delivery—your trusted, one-stop solution for answers to your Medicare compliance questions. This book helps home health professionals deliver services according to Medicare regulations and produce compliant care documentation that earns the home health agency the payment it deserves. 

Plus, new for this year, you’ll also receive the Home Health Conditions of Participation (CoPs) Answers, 2017. This resource from DecisionHealth helps you rapidly get up to speed on the new CoPs, implement new processes, and avoid hefty CMS penalties at your next survey. Broken into six sections, it systematically walks you through the intent behind the overhaul and the key initiatives CMS has prioritized, ensuring you have the context you need to achieve alignment and compliance as you lead your agency through its change effort. 

This two-book collection provides: 

  • Quick access to concise, up-to-date CMS regulations, CoP rules, and Interpretive Guidelines and analyses 
  • A comprehensive resource in an easy-to-read format for anyone in the home health agency to reference 
  • “Nuts and bolts” education that takes the most complicated aspects of Medicare healthcare services and explains them in an easy-to-understand way 
  • An overview of the 2017 home health PPS final rule, including new changes 
  • Sections dedicated to the four new CoP categories, with expert guidance and tips on staffing, resources, and data collection to arm you with the know-how to build and implement your new compliance plan 

What’s New? 
This annual, comprehensive product set includes all up-to-date regulatory changes with a focus on the 2017 home health PPS final rule to provide homecare professionals with answers to their Medicare compliance questions; it also focuses on CMS’ new Conditions of Participation, which must be implemented by July. 

UDPATED: The Home Health Guide to Medicare Service Delivery, 2017 Edition: 

  • The Basics of Medicare Service Delivery: Presents the fundamentals of Medicare coverage criteria and the new Conditions of Participation. This includes a section dedicated to survey preparation. 
  • The Prospective Payment System (PPS): Gives an overview of critical concepts, including the Home Health Resource Group, consolidated billing requirements, and clinical issues with an impact on billing for the current payment system. 
  • All About the OASIS: Discusses the fundamentals of the OASIS-C2 and assessments. 
  • Compliance and Care Delivery: Highlights issues related to visits, physician orders, start of care, recertification, and discharge. 
  • Documentation Essentials: Looks at documentation fundamentals, the clinical record, diagnoses, and the plan of care. This includes a section related to the 485 and elements of content. 

NEW: Home Health Conditions of Participation (CoPs) Answers, 2017: 
Home Health Conditions of Participation Answers is more than just a reference guide—it’s an all-encompassing plan of attack. Armed with the knowledge and the tools to navigate CMS’ total overhaul of the Conditions of Participation, you can hit the ground running to ensure you emerge from your next survey unscathed.


  • Intro to New CoPs 
  • Develop a QAPI Program 
  • Reduce Readmission Rates 
  • Quality Measures to Improve 
  • Patient Rights 
  • Infection Control 
  • Planning, Coordination, & Quality of Care 
  • Emergency Preparedness 
  • The Impact of Surveys 

About the Author

(Reviewer) J'non Griffin, RN, MHA, WCC, HCS-D, COS-C, HCS-H, is a 30-year veteran of homecare. She received her master’s degree in healthcare administration in 2005. She has experience as a field nurse, director, and executive with home health and hospice agencies both large and small. Griffin has served as director of staff development and appeals for home health and hospice agencies. She has taken part in mock surveys for agencies, and prepared agencies for accreditation. She has also been involved in accreditation surveys, acquisitions, and the resolution of many regulatory crises with state survey agencies and intermediaries. 

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Published: April 2017