Home Health OASIS Assessment

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Home Health OASIS Assessment


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Home Health OASIS Assessment


The Home Health OASIS Assessment is the ideal tool for individual home health clinicians and QI/QA staff and/or clinical and QA leadership to measure OASIS understanding, identify potential skills gaps, pinpoint areas for training opportunities, and monitor progress over time.

This easy-to-use online assessment includes 110 questions, is fully updated for OASIS-E, and covers the following OASIS sections:

  • Administrative Information (A2121-A2124, M0080-M1000, M2301-M2420)
  • Active Diagnoses (M1021-M1028)
  • Swallowing/Nutritional Status (M1060)
  • Special Treatments, Procedures, and Programs (M1046, O0110)
  • Skin Conditions (M1306-M1342)
  • Bladder and Bowel (M1600-M1630)
  • Cognitive Patterns (M1700-M1720, C0100-C1310), Mood (D0150-D0700), Behavior (M1740-M1745)
  • Functional Status (M1800-M1860)
  • Drug Regimen Review (M2001 – M2030, N0415)
  • Prior functioning & Prior Device Use (GG0100-GG0110)
  • Self-care (GG0130)
  • Mobility (GG0170)
  • Health Conditions (M1033, J0530, J1800 - J1900)

This single assessment tool provides home health clinicians and QA/QI staff greater insight and direction for future professional development.

Home health clinical and QA leadership can use the Home Health OASIS Assessment in many ways, including:

  • Pre-assessment as part of interview process for new hires
  • Orientation assessment for new hires
  • Benchmark employees throughout the onboarding process
  • Pre- and post-education assessments to measure learning retention
  • Annual competency assessments and performance reviews

The Home Health OASIS Assessment saves time for both you and your staff, as you can eliminate unnecessary training and plan educational activities that will most likely impact your bottom line.

Using the reporting tool in our convenient online training platform, managers not only review their staff’s overall scores, they can also download a detailed report to find out exactly which questions staff are struggling with.

Home Health OASIS Assessment

Additional Resources

As you identify areas for further study and review, consider the trainings and resources below, which can be taken before and/or after the Assessment.

  • OASIS Virtual on-demand training provides education on how to properly answer the most challenging OASIS items while reinforcing core OASIS competencies without sacrificing productivity.
  • OASIS Form Companion: Keep all your OASIS documents in one easy-to-reference resource that allows you to easily search for the OASIS guidance you use most often.
  • Home Health Guide to OASIS: A Reference for Field Staff: Get up to speed on the latest revisions to the OASIS assessment, while also reinforcing core competencies so you can accurately and efficiently complete every assessment.
  • ICD-10-CM Wound Coding & OASIS Field Guide: Your on-the-go reference to choose the right ICD-10 code and complete the OASIS for the most common home health wounds. It is conveniently separated into chapters devoted to each type of wound commonly seen in home health, including pressure, arterial, stasis and diabetic ulcers, and surgical, trauma and complicated wounds.
  • Home Care Clinical Specialist – OASIS (HCS-O) Certification Study Guide: This study guide takes you through the competencies necessary to master as you prepare for the HCS-O certification exam. It delivers OASIS assessment tips and sample test questions.

Home Health OASIS Assessment


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