Home Health ICD-10-CM Coding Assessment

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Home Health ICD-10-CM Coding Assessment


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Home Health ICD-10-CM Coding Assessment


The Home Health ICD-10-CM Coding Assessment is the ideal tool for individual home health coders and/or coding leadership to identify home health ICD-10-CM coding understanding, identify potential skills gaps, pinpoint areas for training opportunities, and monitor progress over time.

This easy-to-use online assessment includes 50 questions that cover all basic areas of coding skills, including sequencing, verification of codes, ethics, query, how to look up codes, manifestations/multiple codes, combination codes, and more!

This single assessment tool provides home health coders greater insight and direction for future professional development.

Coding leadership can use the Coding Assessment in many ways, including:

  • Pre-assessment as part of interview process for new hires
  • Orientation assessment for new hires
  • Benchmark employees throughout the onboarding process
  • Pre- and post-education assessments to measure learning retention
  • Annual competency assessments and performance reviews

The Home Health ICD-10-CM Coding Assessment saves time for both you and your staff, as you can eliminate unnecessary training and plan educational activities that will most likely impact your bottom line.

Using the reporting tool in our convenient online training platform, managers not only review their staff’s overall scores, they can also download a detailed report to find out exactly which questions staff are struggling with.

Home Health ICD-10-CM Coding Assessment

Required Material

All those taking the Home Health ICD-10-CM Coding Assessment must have a current ICD-10-CM coding manual OR the Home Health Coding Center to be able to properly and efficiently take the assessment.

Home Health ICD-10-CM Coding Assessment

Additional Resources

As you identify areas for further study and review, consider the trainings and resources below, which can be taken before and/or after the Assessment.

  • ICD-10 Coding Basics Virtual on-demand training intended for new and less experienced home health coders.
  • ICD-10 Intermediate Coding on-demand training intended for intermediate-level coders who have been coding in home health for at least 1 year, and are planning to sit for their HCS-D credential, or who became credentialed in the past year and need additional training.
  • Home Health ICD-10-CM Coding Answers contains 200 home health coding scenarios that allow you to practice your coding by applying your knowledge to real-life coding cases.
  • Home Health ICD-10-CM Coding Companion is a guide to accurate coding and compliance with expert guidance and comprehensive decision trees to help you navigate the ICD-10 code set.

Home Health ICD-10-CM Coding Assessment


You will have access to the Home Health ICD-10-CM Coding Assessment for 90 days from the purchase/order date.