The Revenue Integrity Training Toolkit

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The Revenue Integrity Training Toolkit (Pack of 5)

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The Revenue Integrity Training Toolkit

Elizabeth Lamkin, MHA, ACHE

Sold in packs of 5!

The revenue cycle in a hospital or health system is a continuum, and each department and role within the cycle has to work in unison to be successful. Due to the nature of today’s healthcare environment some staff may not even realize that they’re part of the revenue cycle. If there’s a weak link, the entire system can quickly be in trouble due to issues with compliance, reimbursement, and, ultimately, patient care. This handbook will help get everyone, from billers to clinicians, on the same page improving systemic information flow and feedback loops.

This toolkit comes with five handbooks that you can give to members of the revenue cycle. Bulk pricing for these handbooks is also available. In addition to the handbook, you will receive:

  • Downloadable flow charts depicting the overarching revenue cycle and its various components and information flow 
  • Diagram of best practice committee and communication structures to help ensure a single high-functioning revenue cycle 
  • A sample payer scorecard to help track payer performance and support internal accountability 
  • Customizable team charter template for a medical records improvement committee 
  • A list of helpful resources for all aspects and departments involved in the revenue cycle

A list of helpful resources for all aspects and departments involved in the revenue cycle.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Revenue Cycle Integrity: A System Enterprise

The Revenue Cycle Plan

Chapter 2: Other Roles and Responsibilities

Hospital Departments
Hospital and Medical Staff Leader

Chapter 3: Cross Functional Management of Revenue Cycle

Committee Structure and Information Flow
Communication and Education
Outcome Measurement and Reporting for Accountability

Chapter 4: Summary

This handbook will help you:

  • Recognize how all of the different pieces of the revenue cycle fit together 
  • Reduce inconsistencies and increase buy-in across departments 
  • Identify key players in the revenue cycle 
  • Create and manage revenue cycle committees that produce measurable results and improve financial accountability 
  • Engage key stakeholders in education and help them tie overarching revenue cycle goals with specific departmental goals 

About the Author

Elizabeth Lamkin, MHA, ACHE, CEO of PACE Healthcare Consulting, specializes in system development, quality and billing compliance. Throughout her career, Lamkin has achieved numerous recognitions for quality as well as patient, staff and physician satisfaction. She is a nationally known speaker and author. She has her BA IS degree, Cum Laude, and a Masters in Healthcare Administration from University of South Carolina. 

Page Count: 55
Dimensions: 5.5 X 8.5
ISBN: 978-1-68308-126-5

Published: November 2016