CCDS Exam Prep Class

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CCDS Exam Prep Class

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This live boot camp is best for those looking for an interactive learning experience. Classes are led by our expert instructors, take place over the course of a week, and allow instructor/student interaction and engagement.

CCDS Exam Prep Class

Course Overview

Your key to passing the CCDS exam

The CCDS Exam Prep Class is designed to assist in your preparation for the CCDS credentialing exam. The course reviews core CDI concepts and offers strategies in test taking with a goal to allow you to tackle the exam with confidence. Investing in your professional development requires a commitment of both time and resources. This course assists you in achieving your goal efficiently and effectively. 

Who is the class for?
The CCDS Exam Prep Class is for students who meet the prerequisites to take the CCDS exam—including a minimum of two years’ work experience as a CDI specialist—and who intend to sit for the CCDS exam within the next six months. It does not provide general CDI education. Check out our CCDS Candidate handbook for more guidance:

For general CDI education, take a look at our CDI Boot Camp!

Class overview 

The CCDS Exam Prep Class is an intense two-day course covering 10 modules that will prepare candidates to take the CCDS certification exam.

In two days, our instructors cover the focus areas of the CCDS exam as outlined in the examination content outline (see the CCDS Exam Candidate Handbook). Some of these topics include:

  • Healthcare regulations, reimbursement, and documentation requirements related to the inpatient prospective payment system (IPPS)
  • Anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and medical terminology
  • Medical record documentation
  • Healthcare facility CDI program analysis
  • Communication skills
  • Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting
  • Professionalism, ethics, and compliance
  • Impact of reportable diagnoses on quality of care

Our instructors cover real-world study strategies for adult learners and test-taking skills to help students who have mastery of the subject matter but do not excel in the stress of a test-taking situation. 

You will also receive access to the CCDS Exam Study Guide practice exam. If you have attempted to gain CCDS certification before, this class will break down the material covered in the exam to ensure you feel confident and competent when you next sit for it. The program also covers test-taking strategies, which helps students who have mastery of the subject matter but do not excel in the stress of a test-taking situation.

Who should attend with the required experience as a clinical documentation specialist? 

  • CDI specialists: RNs/MDs, coders
  • CDI managers/directors
  • HIM directors/coding managers
  • DRG coordinators
  • Physician advisors/champions

CCDS Exam Prep Boot Camp—see the difference for yourself!

Check out all the benefits of this HCPro Boot Camp:

  • Expertly designed course materials: Course materials are developed by an adult education expert. The curriculum uses a “how to” approach where participants learn how to apply CDI concepts that they can then customize to their organizational needs. Content is regularly updated based on changing industry practices and participant feedback. 
  • Live instruction: Classes are taught by an experienced instructor who is credentialed as a CDI professional and works as an industry subject matter expert for ACDIS.
  • Small class size: We limit the number of course participants in order to maintain a low participant-teacher ratio. This allows us to provide individual instruction as needed when participants find a topic particularly challenging; it also allows time for discussion.
  • Well-established program: Brought to you by the Association of Clinical Documentation Integrity Specialists (ACDIS), this Boot Camp from the industry’s only dedicated CDI association provides the best-in-class education you expect.

Our boot camps are a comprehensive and effective way to strengthen your understanding of CDI. “Our goal as instructors is to offer detailed, thorough, and timely education that can be simply broken down and easily understood and applied in daily practice,” says HCPro’s CDI education director Laurie Prescott, MSN, RN, CCDS, CDIP, CRC, CCDS-O.

Need CDI education? 

For best-in-class CDI education, find out more about our Clinical Documentation Improvement Boot Camp. This four-day program provides comprehensive CDI education and teaches best practices for medical record review and compliant physician querying. It is also available as an online class.

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CCDS Exam Prep Class

Course Locations & Dates

Below is the current course schedule for upcoming classes of this Boot Camp. We update this schedule on a regular basis. 

Registrations are processed in the order received. Class size is limited, and classes often sell out. We recommend against making travel arrangements until after we have confirmed your course registration. 

Locations marked as "Tentative" are subject to change.

To view our cancellation policy, click here.

To register multiple attendees (or groups), please call Customer Service at (800) 650-6787.

July 2021

Plymouth Meeting (Philadelphia), PA


July 19 – 20, 2021
8:00AM – 5:00PM each day

Courtyard Philadelphia Plymouth Meeting
651 Fountain Road
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
Hotel website

Room Rate: $99/night
Room Rate Cut-Off: June 25, 2021


CCDS Exam Prep Class


  • Introduction: Examining the CCDS Exam 
  • Module 1: Healthcare Regulation and the IPPS 
  • Module 2: Medical Record Documentation 
  • Module 3: The Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting 
  • Module 4: Tutorial on DRG Expert 
  • Module 5: Anatomy/Physiology/Pharmacology 
  • Module 6: Communication, Physician Education, and Query 
  • Module 7: Professionalism, Ethics, and Compliance 
  • Module 8: Impact of Reportable Diagnoses on Quality Care Measures 
  • Module 9: CDI Program Analysis 
  • Module 10: The Exam Experience and Test-Taking Tips 

*Agenda is subject to change.

CCDS Exam Prep Class

Learning Objectives

Introduction: Examining the CCDS Exam 
This introduction looks at the outline of the exam and the types of questions asked. It discusses recall, application, and analysis as well as the domains and objectives covered in the exam. 
Module 1: Healthcare Regulation and the IPPS 
Learning objectives: 

  • Define the IPPS and the process by which it is updated and revised 
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of MS-DRGs 
  • Define and recognize a complication/comorbidity under the MS-DRG system 
  • Explain the impact of documentation on reimbursement through diagnosis and procedure code assignment 
  • Discuss the relationship between documentation, principal diagnosis selection, and medical necessity of setting 
  • Define case-mix index and its relevance to CDI programs 

Module 2: Medical Record Documentation 
Learning objectives: 

  • Explain what elements of the health record can be used for diagnosis and/or procedure code assignment 
  • Explain how the provider’s role in relation to the patient affects diagnosis code assignment 
  • Identify documentation that must be clarified for accurate code assignment 
  • Explain the types of physician queries (concurrent, retrospective, verbal) 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of different query formats (open-ended, multiple choice, yes/no) and their proper application 
  • Define the concept of clinical indicators 
  • Demonstrate the formation of a compliant query 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of current professional guidance related to querying 
  • Explain the proper mechanism to address diagnoses that appear to lack clinical support 

Module 3: The Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting 
Learning objectives: 

  • Explain when the Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting are updated and where to obtain them 
  • Explain the role of AHA Coding Clinic® in code assignment 
  • Define and apply the principles of principal diagnosis selection 
  • Define and apply the principles of secondary diagnosis selection 
  • Define the basics of the present on admission indicator assignment and explain its impact on payment 
  • Explain how to assign a working DRG when multiple diagnoses are in play 
  • Identify conditions considered HACs by CMS 

Module 4: Tutorial on DRG Expert 
Learning objectives: 

  • Identify the main components of DRG Expert 
  • Discuss how to navigate DRG Expert 

Module 5: Anatomy/Physiology/Pharmacology 
Learning objectives: 

  • Demonstrate how to interpret medications as a clinical indicator to support query opportunities 
  • Identify diagnostic tests as possible clinical indicators to support query opportunities 
  • Identify and apply clinical indicators and query opportunities typically targeted by CDI professionals related to common medical conditions, such as: 
    • CVA 
    • Encephalopathy 
    • Seizures 
    • Respiratory failure 
    • Ventilation support 
    • Acute MI 
    • Heart failure 
    • Neoplasms 
    • Acute kidney injury 
    • Anemia 
    • Infectious disease 
    • Injuries 
    • Poisonings/adverse reactions 
    • HIV infections 

Module 6: Communication, Physician Education, and Query 

Learning objectives: 

  • Describe the traditional role of the clinical documentation specialist 
  • Define the role of a query in CDI/coding 
  • Demonstrate what constitutes a leading query 
  • Identify and discuss the resources that detail when and how to query based on professional industry standards 
  • Incorporate industry guidance in the construction of simple queries 
  • Identify situations in which verbal, personal communication with physicians is more favorable than written communication 

Module 7: Professionalism, Ethics, and Compliance 
Learning objectives: 

  • Maintain confidentiality of the medical record and of information relevant to CDI 
  • Identify initiatives that ensure DRG compliance 
  • Identify areas of potential DRG creep as identified by the OIG 
  • Explain the goals and objectives of a clinical documentation department beyond reimbursement 
  • Identify potential compliance risk as identified by PEPPER data 

Module 8: Impact of Reportable Diagnoses on Quality Care Measures 
Learning objectives: 

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the significance of documentation and code assignment upon the mortality index 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of mortality reviews and interpreting observed to expected ratios 
  • Define how quality data are acquired through record abstraction and claims data 
  • Explain the significance of these CMS quality metrics: 
    • Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program 
    • Hospital-Acquired Condition Reduction Program 
    • Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program 
    • 30-day mortality measures 
  • Analyze the financial impact of the Hospital Quality Reporting Program on an organization and the role of CDI regarding CMS quality initiatives 
  • Identify the components of PSI 90 and its impact on quality measures 

Module 9: CDI Program Analysis 
Learning objectives: 

  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze data and evaluate a CDI program’s trends: 
    • CDI productivity metrics 
    • Provider response rates 
    • Case-mix index 
  • Recognize the importance of the following CDI program performance metrics: 
    • CMI 
    • CC/MCC capture 
    • Severity of illness/risk of mortality 
    • Hospital value-based purchasing measures 
    • Patient Safety Indicators 
    • High-frequency DRGs 
  • Identify methods for measuring physician performance related to documentation 
  • Demonstrate an ability to track and trend data to measure individual physician performance over time 
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of PEPPER 

Module 10: The Exam Experience and Test-Taking Tips 
This module discusses the experience of sitting for the exam and includes test-taking tips and strategies. 

CCDS Exam Prep Class


What is the focus of the CCDS Exam Prep Class?
The focus of the CCDS Exam Prep Class is on preparing students who wish to sit for the CCDS examination.

Will this class guarantee a passing score for the CCDS?
No. This class will assist you in your exam preparation. During the comprehensive review conducted in this class, you are likely to identify areas in which you need further study due to your experience level or the type of organization in which you work.

How does this class complement the exam?
The class follows the content outline of the exam, touching on the specific domains of learning that the exam assesses. It provides an overview of the topics relevant to CDI practice and CDI competency.

Does the class provide a practice exam?
Yes! Class attendees will receive access to the CCDS Exam Study Guide practice exam.

What manuals are needed for class?
You will need to bring a copy of DRG Expert 2020 to class. You will also need this manual if you plan on taking the CCDS Exam.

What is the focus of this class?
This class highlights the core skills of a practicing CDI professional, including reimbursement, coding practices, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, CMS quality measures, CDI metrics and professionalism.

Are continuing education credits provided?
This class does not offer continuing education credits.

Who should attend?

  • CDI specialists: RNs/MDs, coders
  • CDI managers/directors
  • HIM directors/coding managers
  • DRG coordinators
  • Physician advisors/champions

How long does the course last?
Two days. Typically, class runs from 8:00 a.m. until at least 5:00 p.m. on both days.
Call 800-650-6787 or email for more information.

Does HCPro ever share contact information (e.g., name, address, phone number, email address, etc.) with other companies?
Historically, we have not shared contact information with anyone outside of our company. However, it is possible that at some point we might share contact information with other companies that offer products and services that we think would be of interest to our customers. If you would like us to keep your contact information confidential, please let us know so that we can flag your information in our customer database as "Do Not Share."

What if I need to cancel or transfer my registration?
Cancellation Policy
Please click here to view our cancellation policy.

How do I get more information?
Contact our sales team at 615-724-7200 or email

CCDS Exam Prep Class

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CCDS Exam Prep Class

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