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Product Order Cancellation
If you have placed a product order and decide that you want to cancel it, please contact the Customer Service department at 800-650-6787. They will cancel the order and determine the proper handling of your refund. To cancel an in-person event order, please see below.

In-Person Event Cancellation/Refund Policy
Due to the nature of live, in-person events—including accommodation planning and capacity limitations mandated by venues, states, and the federal government—we do not offer full refunds for these events. However, we do offer the following:

  • Participants who cancel more than 30 days prior to the event are eligible for a refund or a payment transfer (credit) to another Simplify Compliance event. We will assess a $250 cancellation fee in both cases. The credit will be valid for up to 90 days from date of cancellation.
  • Participants who cancel 30 to 10 days prior to the event are not eligible for a refund but are eligible for a credit to another Simplify Compliance event, less a $250 cancellation fee. The credit will be valid for up to 90 days from date of cancellation.
  • Participants who cancel fewer than 10 days prior to the event will be considered “no shows” and will not be eligible for a refund or a credit.
  • Participants who do not cancel and do not attend are liable for the full registration fee.

Note: Simplify Compliance and its comprising brands reserve the right to cancel or reschedule in-person programs and to close registration when programs are sold out. For these reasons, we advise registrants against purchasing non-refundable airline tickets. Should we postpone or cancel an in-person event, we will not refund your registration fee but will apply it to the rescheduled event or a future Simplify Compliance event.

Simplify Compliance Event Registration Policies

By registering for and attending a Simplify Compliance event, you are agreeing to the following terms:

Content & Promotional Rights: I agree not to copy or distribute or permit to be copied or distributed, in any form or format, any of the contents of the event materials or attendee profiles without the express written permission of Simplify Compliance. I also agree not to use the event contents for any commercial, marketing, promotional, or political purposes. Simplify Compliance does not permit solicitation by anyone except exhibitors within the area of their booth. 

Recording: I understand that Simplify Compliance prohibits me from recording any educational session content, including via social media feeds, unless I have obtained written permission in advance.

Photography: I understand that Simplify Compliance and its contractors record, photograph, and/or stream the various aspects and activities related to its events for both archival and promotional purposes. By attending this event, I give Simplify Compliance and its contractors permission to use my voice and image in any such archival or promotional recording, photograph, or streaming activity without any compensation or credit.

Communications: I provide permission to receive emails, mailings, and faxes related to the Simplify Compliance event. I understand that by choosing to attend the event, I consent to share my business contact information with event sponsors. I understand that sponsors may choose to follow up with me after the event and that I may choose to opt out of communications from each party individually at any time. I understand that both the Simplify Compliance privacy policy, and the privacy policies of the event’s sponsors, govern the use of my business contact information.

Respectful Conduct: We expect event participants to behave responsibly and to treat each other—and treat the community—with respect, kindness, and compassion. Simplify Compliance reserves the right, without refund, to revoke the credentials of participants whose conduct is deemed inappropriate, disorderly, or offensive by Simplify Compliance, affiliated third parties, or the local authorities.

Event Programming

Speakers: Views expressed by speakers are their own. Simplify Compliance cannot accept liability for advice given, or views expressed, by any speaker at the event or in any material provided to attendees.

Curriculum: Simplify Compliance aims to provide accurate and up-to-date information, but please be aware that the event’s agenda is subject to change. We may not alert registrants to changes in the schedule unless a change has an impact on continuing education units or event start/end times.

Competitors: Simplify Compliance reserves the right to deny event access to registrants who are employed by or represent a company we deem as competitive. In the case of a paid event, we will refund registrants and notify them of the termination of their registration.

In-Person Events

Health & Safety: Simplify Compliance places the highest priority on the safety of our guests. To access the most up-to-date health and safety regulations, we strongly encourage you to visit the “Health/Safety” tab on the webpage for the in-person event you are attending.

To safeguard all those in attendance at our events, we ask that you stay home if you are feeling sick, have tested positive for COVID-19, are awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test, or are showing COVID-19 symptoms. Please contact our Customer Service department to talk through options or to move your registration to a future date.

Simplify Compliance reserves the right, at its sole discretion, without refund, to expel and deactivate and/or revoke the attendance credentials of participants who violate safety provisions.

Badge Swapping: For security reasons, Simplify Compliance does not permit badge swapping. We will evict from the event, without a refund, anyone found wearing a badge that does not match their identification. In addition, we will cancel the badge/name.

Weapons: Simplify Compliance has a weapons-free policy. We prohibit attending participants from carrying weapons of any kind, including concealed or displayed firearms. We do not permit participants to bring weapons onto the premises of any Simplify Compliance events. Simplify Compliance reserves the right, at its sole discretion, without refund, to expel and deactivate and/or revoke the attendance credentials of participants who violate this weapons-free policy. Participants agree that this policy is in force, and agree to comply with the policy, regardless of whether the event they are attending has posted signs prohibiting weapons.


I agree to all the terms and conditions set forth above. I understand that my attendance is voluntary and at my own risk, and I voluntarily accept any and all risks and hazards, including, without limitation, personal injury, illness, or other hazards. I hereby release Simplify Compliance and its officers, employees, partners, contractors, and vendors from any liability related to my attendance. I understand that noncompliance with these rules and policies may result in registration cancellation without refund. Simplify Compliance reserves the right to expel anyone in violation of these rules and policies from the event.

Customer Service Department

If you require additional assistance or have any questions, representatives are available Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CT. Please call us at 1-800-650-6787 or email

Thank you for your business. We look forward to making your event experience exceptional!