Upfront Collections Toolkit

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Upfront Collections Toolkit: 50 Essential Tools for a Winning Program

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Upfront Collections Toolkit: 50 Essential Tools for a Winning Program

Here are 50 one-of-a-kind resources you can start using today
to make an immediate difference in your facility’s collection efforts.

Enhance cash collections and customer service …

Implementing upfront collections is considered one of the key initiatives nationwide to enhance cash flow and improve the revenue cycle. But it’s a challenge to convey your organization’s policies and procedures in a customer-friendly way.

Upfront Collections Toolkit: 50 Essential Tools for a Winning Program is a CD-ROM full of resources to help PFS and patient access managers develop and maintain a front-end collections program and train staff on all aspects of the job. There’s no need to start from scratch—you can use these tools right away. Each has been tested and shown to deliver improved collection rates.

Learn how to talk about money with patients …

According to industry experts, only 10% of hospitals discuss a patient’s financial responsibility. Whether you’re developing an upfront collections program from scratch, or refining an existing one, Upfront Collections Toolkit is chock full of tools to help you create a winning program.

From sample financial policies to deposit calculation worksheets to scripts, the CD-ROM will ensure not only great customer service from staff, but also provide best practices to collect from patients before they leave your facility.

Modify and adapt these 50 tools to your own need …

Fully searchable and user-friendly, you’re able to use the tools on the CD-ROM as they are, or modify them to meet your own facility-specific needs. Formats include Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to make it easy for you to customize each tool to fit your needs. Plus, we’ve organized the tools into chapters to make them easy to find by type.

You’ll also receive a 48-page in-depth instructor’s guide to explain each tool and how to use it. We guarantee easy implementation—or your money back!

Train access staff to bring cash through the front door—when patients first enter!

This valuable resource:

  • helps you develop and/or customize your own policies and procedures and training tools.
  • showcases a wide range of examples from institutions and consultants from around the country. Oregon’s Asante Health Systems and Florida Hospital Deland share their unique programs—in depth.
  • provides an array of tools, from job descriptions and strategic plans, to registration checklists and sample patient brochures, in customizable formats such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.
  • identifies your facility’s biggest challenges by organizing tools into meaningful categories

Table of Contents at a glance …

  • Tools
  • Forms
  • Financial policies
  • Internal policies and procedures
  • Strategic planning
  • Custom communications
  • Job descriptions
  • Scripts
  • Emergency department
  • Asante Health System Model
  • Florida Hospital Deland Model

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The Upfront Collections Toolkit is brought to you by the Patient Access Resource Center (PARC), a comprehensive online site that allows you to network with your peers; effectively train staff members in such areas as up-front collections and self-pay accounts; and increase communication within your department. Additionally, PARC members save 20% off valuable finance and patient access books, videos, audioconferences, and newsletters. Visit accessresourcecenter.com to learn how to become a PARC member and put this exciting online resource to work for your organization.

Published: March 2007