Residency Program Coordinator Boot Camp

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Residency Program Coordinator Boot Camp

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ACGME requirements, best practices for continuous accreditation, resident recruitment and orientation, and overall program support and management.

Residency Program Coordinator Boot Camp

Course Overview

HCPro's Residency Program Coordinator Boot Camp® is an intensive two-day course that will train both osteopathic and allopathic program coordinators on ACGME requirements, best practices for survey readiness, maintaining accreditation, the Clinical Learning Environment Review, and overall program support and management. 

Using a combination of lecture, class interaction, and exercises, the Residency Program Coordinator Boot Camp gives coordinators the skills necessary to: 

  • Interpret ACGME standards and support compliance efforts 
  • Support the program director in meeting the ACGME standards 
  • Understand GME and associated terminology 
  • Clearly define the roles, tasks, and expectations of the program director, program coordinator, and residents 
  • Manage recruitment, orientation, and credentialing processes 
  • Develop strategies to optimize daily program management tasks 
  • Support the accreditation process 
  • Learn responsibilities specific to managing surgical, medical, and hospital-based programs 

Our instructors are highly experienced and have managed complex residency programs. Brooke Moore, MBA, C-TAGME, has more than 12 years of extensive experience in the realm of medical education, and currently serves as the director of strategic partnerships at ThalamusGME. 

Here’s what you can expect during the Residency Program Coordinator Boot Camp

  • Unique focus: The Residency Program Coordinator Boot Camp goes beyond teaching the ACGME requirements. All course materials are custom-developed specifically for this intensive learning format. 
  • Hands-on learning: Attendees participate in interactive group activities and are encouraged to network with other attendees and share best practices from their institutions. 
  • Small class size: We maintain a low student-teacher ratio to facilitate discussions between students and the teacher. This facilitates course modules with hands-on exercises that allow practice of key concepts. 
  • Live instruction by top-notch educators: Brooke Moore, MBA, C-TAGME, has significant experience educating coordinators. She brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to this course.
  • Student-driven: At the conclusion of the course, we ask all participants to complete an evaluation, which we carefully review for feedback and course enhancement. 

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Residency Program Coordinator Boot Camp

Course Outline/Agenda

Module 1: Building a Foundation

  • Identify and describe each step of the medical education continuum
  • Recognize and understand ACGME program accreditation structure and processes

Module 2:
Resources for Program Management

  • Know and differentiate the various roles of the agencies and stakeholders involved in GME
  • Define and understand common acronyms you will need to be familiar with
  • Navigate websites that coordinators frequently use

Module 3:
Getting to Know the ACGME Common Program Requirements

  • Explain your program’s compliance with the ACGME Common Program Requirements
  • Analyze the ACGME Common Program Requirements to create methods that ensure the program director has sufficient information and documentation for program compliance

Module 4:
Understanding the Role of the Coordinator

  • Contrast and compare the various roles and responsibilities of the program coordinator (PC)
  • Apply the six core competencies to the PC role
  • Implement the nine learning activities

Module 5:
Managing Recruitment and the Match

  • Summarize the principles for recruitment
  • Interpret the various policies affecting recruitment and the Match
  • Discuss various interview day and recruitment efforts with your peers


Module 6: Managing Orientation

  • Discuss components of orientation and on-boarding residents
  • Apply orientation concepts to new Program Directors (PD), faculty, and other colleagues


Module 7: Developing a Program Timeline

  • Develop a program timeline
  • Construct a yearlong calendar of activities


Module 8: GME Program Management

  • Demonstrate an understanding of curriculum and evaluation development
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the assessment structure and process of the program


Module 9: File Management

  • Discuss definitions of academic files and adverse actions
  • Apply various file formats to your program
  • Discuss examples of file organization


Module 10: Credentialing

  • Differentiate internal and external credentialing
  • Evaluate various adverse actions


Module 11: Next Accreditation System

  • Recognize the rationale of the Next Accreditation System (NAS)
  • Identify the key components and structure of NAS
  • Interpret the language of NAS


Module 12: Professional Development

  • Discuss opportunities for personal professional development
  • Take ownership of your professional development
  • Recognize opportunities for growth


Outline/Agenda subject to change.

Residency Program Coordinator Boot Camp

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of the course, participants will be able to: 

  • Demonstrate an understanding of ACGME standards, Common Program Requirements, specific specialty requirements, and core competencies 
  • Explain the role and responsibilities of the residency program coordinator 
  • Discuss the coordinator's contributions to a program's compliance and education efforts 
  • Develop resident files that optimize resident evaluation and meet ACGME requirements 
  • Develop program files that contain documentation needed for quality improvement and accreditation site visits 
  • Manage the recruitment process from ERAS through Match Day 
  • Identify benchmarks for coordinator success 
  • Identify techniques to partner with coordinators on the local and national level to share best practices 
  • Describe NAS and its impact 

Who should attend? 

Residency program coordinators 
GME program administrators and fellowship coordinators 

Residency Program Coordinator Boot Camp


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What if I can't attend in person? 
The best-selling Residency Program Coordinator Boot Camp is also available online! Now you can take the course online! Click here for more information about our online version. 

What if I need to cancel or transfer my registration?
Cancellation Policy
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How do I get more information? 
Contact us at 800-650-6787 or email

Residency Program Coordinator Boot Camp

COVID Safety

Simplify Compliance and HCPro place the highest priority on the safety of our guests. Simplify Compliance and HCPro will continue to monitor the COVID-19 environment and the recommended guidelines and will communicate adjustments to any onsite policies and procedures outlined in the Getting Ready for Class document that will be emailed to attendees one week and one business day prior to the class.