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Part B Answers

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Part B Answers

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Part B Answer Book and Part B Answers are your one-stop references to all Medicare billing, coverage and claims filing rules. More than 140 critical Part B rules libraries, all arranged alphabetically with a handy cross-referenced index, are in one place – and most importantly are translated into plain-English so that you avoid mistakes.

You get reliable answers to questions, without spending hours on the phone with your carrier, digging through insurance bulletins or searching the maze of the Medicare website.

Part B Answer Book and Part B Answers are continually updated so you’re always up-to-date when Medicare changes its billing, coverage and payment policies. You’ll be alerted as soon as change to fees, coverage policies, and CCI edits occur so you always have current information and take advantage of new billing opportunities quickly.

Part B Answers subscribers receive:

  • Instant updates to avoid errorsPart B Answers is continually updated so you’re always up-to-date when Medicare changes its billing, coverage and payment policies.

  • Change Alerts to save you time – When there’s a change to fees, coverage policies, CCI edits and more, you’ll be alerted as soon as they occur so you always have current information and take advantage of new billing opportunities quickly. You’ll also receive how-to tips and tools.

  • 14 Official source links to give you the proof you need to back up decision-making and enforce practice policies – Now when asked by a doctor or payer to “show it to me in writing,” you’ll be ready. The text of every Physician Fee Schedule since 1992 and relevant sections from Medicare’s online manuals, including the Claims Processing Manual, the Benefit Policy Manual and the entire National Coverage Determinations Manual are just some of the 14 source libraries available.

Why Should I Subscribe

Consider the regulatory updates that affect your practice. From the Medicare physician fee schedule and National Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) to national and local coverage determinations, your practice needs to stay informed to stay compliant with CMS’ ever-changing rules and keep every dollar billed.

Billing and policy changes occur almost every day ... Ensure you’re up to date.

Medicare policy is ever-changing, at national and regional levels. That’s why Part B Answer Book and Part B Answers are built to keep you informed on critical regulatory areas of coverage, including updates to: Medicare physician fee schedule; CPT and ICD-10 coding; Correct Coding Initiative; E/M services; Office of Inspector General; Quality Payment Program; Comparative Billing Reports; Compliance areas (HIPAA, Stark and anti-kickback laws); regional Medicare administrative contractor policies; Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation.

Big changes require the right tools.

Consider some of the critical changes to come online in recent years, such as the extensive revisions to E/M office visit coding (99202-99215), the debut of a suite of care management and virtual care services, the telehealth and other policies related to COVID-19. When significant changes happen, Part B Answer Book and Part B Answers provide a go-to resource you can use to find out how to adapt.

Gain a print and online-only combo experience.

A subscription brings you the 750-plus page encyclopedic volume, along with instant online access to scores of billing, coding and payment updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included as part of a subscription?
Your subscription to Part B Answer Book and Part B Answers includes a print book with access to the latest Medicare policy updates, along with an extensive online resource library providing guidance, tips, official documentation and more.

Using the Part B Answer Book is as simple as using a dictionary. The chapters of the book are in alphabetical order so if you want to know about Medicare’s Part B reimbursement policy for hospice care, just flip through the book until you get to “H.” If you’re not sure what heading the Answer Book used for a certain topic, skim through the Table of Contents at the front of the book.

Are there additional benefits that I get?
There’s more to your subscription than the Part B Answer Book. You also have access the book’s companion website, The website contains the entire text of the Answer Book, is regularly updated throughout the year and contains the latest information on new billing rules. You’ll also find decision charts, tools, and 14 additional libraries that contain official source documents cited throughout the chapters of the book.

What’s included in the online database?
The online Part B Answers portion of the subscription is the home of “Medicare billing rules from A-Z.” In the trove of guidance and materials housed online, you’ll find documents and tool ranging from the Advance Beneficiary Notice to X-ray billing policy, and dozens of policies in between.

Do I receive timely updates?
Yes. The 2021 edition of the Part B Answer book contained more than two-dozen pages devoted to the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE), for example. The 2021 edition also took a deep dive into the E/M office visit changes that took hold Jan. 1, 2021, providing you with easy-to-use charts, coding scenarios and audit tips.