Oncology: Strategies for Superior Service Line Performance

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Oncology: Strategies for Superior Service Line Performance

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Oncology: Strategies for Superior Service Line Performance

ECG Management Consultants, Inc.; Matthew R. Sturm; Jessica L. Turgon

The evolution of the oncology payment model and pressure to provide more patient-centered care are leading many healthcare organizations to transform the oncology care model in their communities by offering more coordinated and comprehensive services that provide high quality for patients and high value to payers.

Hospitals and health systems are developing service line structures that improve clinical and financial performance, encourage physician involvement, and create a distinct brand in the market—ultimately gaining a competitive advantage.

Gain realistic strategies and business guidance from oncology leaders to develop the structures and processes for oncology service line success, including how to:

  • Navigate the challenges of oncology reimbursement
  • Achieve clinical integration in the oncology care model
  • Create aligned physician relationships
  • Simplify strategic planning for oncology services
  • Capitalize on clinical research opportunities
  • Establish multidisciplinary teams and support services that improve quality and access to care

    Take a look at the table of contents

    • Chapter 1: Strategic Planning for Oncology Services
      • Step 1: Understanding the Content of an Oncology Strategic Plan
      • Step 2: Planning to Plan: How to Get From Here to There
      • Step 3: Learning About the Organization’s Capabilities and the Market
      • Step 4: Identifying What the Organization Wants to Accomplish
      • Step 5: Making It Happen
    • Chapter 2: Creating a Successful Oncology Service Line
      • Introduction to Service Line Principles
        • Key Elements for Service Line Success
        • Implementation Issues
        • The Future for Oncology Service Line
    • Chapter 3: The Importance of Governance and Leadership
      • Oncology Governance Structures
        • Oncology Service Line Leadership
        • Managing Performance
    • Chapter 4: Creating Aligned Physician Relationships
      • Affiliation Models
        • Physician Alignment Planning Proces
    • Chapter 5: Key Elements of a Successful Oncology Transaction
      • Definition of the Transaction Goals
        • Business Planning
        • Development of the Organizational Structure
        • Development of Key Terms
        • Implementatio
    • Chapter 6: Navigating the Challenges of Oncology Reimbursement
      • Keys to Oncology Reimbursement: Legislation, Drugs, Professional Fees
        • Implications for Hospitals
        • Other Reimbursement Trends
    • Chapter 7: Clinical Integration and the Oncology Care Model
      • Coordinating Cancer Care: The Importance of the Navigator Role
        • New Approach to Treatment Planning: Multidisciplinary Care
        • Complementary and Alternative Medicin
    • Chapter 8: Academic Cancer Centers
      • Clinical Departments and Implications for Academic Cancer Centers
        • Governance Models in AMCs
        • Call for AMC-Wide Financial Integration
    • Chapter 9: Maximizing Clinical Research Operations
      • Research Overview
        • Best Practices in Research Program Planning
        • Why Billing for Clinical Trials Is So Complex
        • The Nuts and Bolts of Billing for Clinical Trials
        • The Last Step: Audit Process and Performance

    Meet the Authors

    About ECG Management Consultants, Inc.
    ECG Management Consultants, Inc. (ECG) offers a broad range of strategic, financial, operational, and technology-related consulting services to healthcare providers. For nearly 40 years, ECG has provided specialized expertise to community hospitals, academic medical centers, health systems, and medical groups. 

    Jessica L. Turgon, Senior Manager
    Jessica L. Turgon leads the oncology practice at ECG Management Consultants, Inc. and has extensive experience developing and leading oncology programs in both community and academic settings. 

    Matthew R. Sturm, Senior Manager
    Matthew R. Sturm has assisted organizations with strategic and operational issues related to their oncology programs, including feasibility assessments for new modalities, financial, physician compensation, and service line planning, physician practice acquisition, and the formation of clinical research programs. Sturm also serves on the expert advisory panel for Oncology Issues, the journal of the Association of Community Cancer Centers.

Published: December 2011