OSHA Training for Dental Facilities

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OSHA Training for Dental Facilities

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OSHA Training for Dental Facilities


HCPro’s Dental OSHA Training course covers general facility safety and OSHA's bloodborne pathogens and hazard communication standards for dental facilities. This course meets requirements for initial and yearly retraining mandated for some standards for oral surgeons, dentists, assistants, and hygienists. The course covers broad topics such as OSHA standards, universal precautions, and work area restrictions, as well as specific dental topics such as common dental chemicals with permissible exposure limits.

OSHA Training for Dental Facilities

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss OSHA and its role in promoting worker safety
  • Describe how to respond in the event of smoke or fire in the work area
  • Describe your employer's OSHA program that helps you prevent exposures to bloodborne pathogens, such as HIV, HBC, and HBV
  • List what to do if you are exposed to blood or other potentially infectious material
  • Evacuate or respond to an emergency situation
  • Define biohazardous waste and list items that go in biohazard containers
  • Ensure that engineering controls, safe work practice controls, and personal protective equipment (PPE) are in place for all identified hazards
  • Interpret a Material Safety Data Sheet/Safety Data Sheet
  • State which chemicals are hazardous and how you can be exposed to them at work
  • Demonstrate how to protect yourself from hazardous chemicals at work

OSHA Training for Dental Facilities

Why HCPro eLearning?

Features of HCPro’s Online OSHA Training Courses:

  • Revised to include the required GHS updates
  • Video scenarios that demonstrate how to comply with OSHA standards
  • Many courses include downloadable resources to help safety officers or managers further educate employees and identify gaps in required OSHA plans or training
  • “Test Your Knowledge” questions throughout the course act as knowledge pit stops to ensure students are mastering the information
  • Audio presentation to keep staff engaged

Benefits of of HCPro’s Online OSHA Training Courses:

  • Convenient online format allows staff to train at their own pace and on their own schedule
  • Track employees’ progress and demonstrate OSHA compliance
  • Validate employees’ proficiency in each topic with final exams
  • Interactive design and audio narration keeps students engaged
  • Save money: With our bulk-pricing option, the more you train, the less you pay
  • Training is suited for all settings, including acute care hospitals, and ambulatory centers