The Essential Preceptee Handbook (10 Pack)

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The Essential Preceptee Handbook (10 Pack)

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The Essential Preceptee Handbook (10 Pack)

Diana Swihart, PhD, DMin, MSN, APN CS, RN-BC

The Essential Preceptee Handbook provides new members of staff with the guidance and support they need to build supportive one-on-one relationships with their preceptors and helps them acclimate to the work environment and culture.

In this invaluable and compact handbook, preceptees will evaluate how they learn and how to improve critical thinking, gain confidence in receiving and giving feedback, and develop the skills they need to successfully transition to service. This handbook is an essential part of any onboarding experience for new employees.

Couple this handbook with The Preceptor Program Builder and The Effective Preceptor Handbook to create a comprehensive program resource that meets the needs of your professional development staff, preceptors, and new staff members.


The Essential Preceptee Handbook prepares new employees for the important roles and responsibilities they will face as they participate in their preceptorship and become part of the staff. It guides and supports preceptees through:

  • Applying evidence-based practice and critical thinking behaviors
  • Working with their preceptors to develop key competencies
  • Participating in receiving and giving effective feedback and clear communication


Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • What is a preceptorship?
  • The preceptoring process
  • Preceptorship forms and worksheets
  • Your preceptee development plan
  • Action plan
  • Preceptee questionnaire
  • Discovering your learning style
  • Creating your portfolio
  • Working in teams
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Performance evaluation process
  • Handling reality shock and building confidence
  • Evaluating your preceptor and preceptorship experience
  • Transition to service process
  • Bibliography
  • Contacts
  • Notes


About the Author:

Diana Swihart, PhD, DMin, MSN, APN CS, RN-BC, is an internationally known speaker, author, educator, and consultant on topics related to preceptors, shared governance, competency assessment, professional development, servant and transformational leadership, professional research, and evidence-based practice. In 2008, her publication Nurse Preceptor Program Builder: Tools for a Successful Preceptor Program, Second Edition, was selected as a core resource for the national VHA RN Residency Program. Swihart is the CEO for the American Academy for Preceptor Advancement. She is the author of the companion HCPro books The Preceptor Program Builder and The Effective Preceptor Handbook for Nurses.

Continuing Education:

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Published: April 2014