The Long-Term Care State Operations Manual

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The Long-Term Care State Operations Manual (March 17 Update)

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The Long-Term Care State Operations Manual

Stay compliant with the most up-to-date regulations and interpretive guidelines. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ March 2017 revisions to Appendix PP of The Long-Term Care State Operations Manual update the interpretive guidelines for F203, F205, F221, F223, F224, F225, F246, F247, F252, F309, F319, F320, F329, F333, F455, F456, F457, F458, F459, F460, F461, F462, F463, F464, F465, F466, F467, F468, and F469.

These revisions provide additional information to surveyors about consideration of psychosocial harm when assessing compliance with specific regulations. This manual will enable you to: 

  • Stay compliant with complete access to all recent F-tag revisions
  • Save time searching and downloading extensive government documents
  • Manage risk by understanding the scope and severity for each possible deficiency
  • Download and use all essential CMS forms to ensure thorough survey preparation

This valuable resource provides word-for-word CMS regulatory guidance and forms covering virtually every aspect of a nursing home’s annual survey, including:

  • F-tags and their accompanying surveyor guidance
  • Scope and severity for each possible deficiency
  • Essential CMS forms to download and use
  • Guidance for policymaking
  • Risk management advice

Published: April 2017
ISBN: 978-1-68308-370-2
Page Count: 912