The Certification in Healthcare Revenue Integrity

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The Certification in Healthcare Revenue Integrity

Product Code: NACHRI

Submit your application and payment information through our new online system at The fee for the certification application process and examination is $255 for NAHRI members and $355 for non-members. As of September 25, NAHRI is no longer accepting paper applications.

The Certification in Healthcare Revenue Integrity

Apply today — *Important change to Application & Pricing

NAHRI has launched a new, easy-to-use online application for our CHRI credential exam and recertification process at This system allows for timely submission, approval, and payment of certification and recertification applications. As a result of these changes, we are no longer accepting paper applications or payment by check.

Please have your contact information, work and education history, and credit card payment information available when you start the application process. Prior to submitting your application, you must review the CHRI Exam Handbook.

The fee for the certification application process and examination is $255 for NAHRI members and $355 for non-members. Payment may be made through our online system after your application is completed and approved.

Use our online application system to make payment for the CHRI exam after reviewing the exam requirements and CHRI Handbook available on the CHRI Program Requirements website.

NAHRI and HCPro will process the application and send a receipt confirmation to the candidate. Upon approval, payment for the exam will be processed and the candidate’s name will be sent to our testing partner who will send the candidate instructions on how to schedule an exam appointment.

If a candidate fails the exam, they may take it again after waiting 90 days from the date of the failed exam. NAHRI will discount the exam fee to $125 for the first retake only. Subsequent attempts to pass the exam will be at full price.

CHRI recertification is required every two years. The recertification fee is $100 for NAHRI members and $200 for nonmembers. The CHRI recertification process ensures that credential holders stay up-to-date on education and regulatory changes relevant to their field. Individuals who hold the CHRI credential must apply for recertification every two years on the anniversary date they passed the CHRI exam, which can be found on the individual’s CHRI certificate.

The CHRI credential is designed to test an applicant’s knowledge of revenue integrity in the areas of education, compliance, revenue, and reporting. Credential holders demonstrate expertise in core competencies of revenue integrity and meet requirements related to education and experience relevant to the field.

If you have questions about this process, please contact Customer Service at 800-650-6787.

About the Certification in Healthcare Revenue Integrity

A unique but wide range of knowledge and experience are necessary for revenue integrity professionals, and NAHRI wants to help those in the field demonstrate their expertise in a tangible way—through a new credential created just for you.

Healthcare revenue integrity professionals play an integral role in the financial health of their organizations. As this field grows, it is critical to ensure healthcare revenue integrity professionals have a means of demonstrating their competency in core skills relevant to their roles within their organizations. The CHRI credential offers revenue integrity professionals the opportunity to hone and validate their knowledge base while ensuring facilities have a benchmark by which to measure the competency of their staff and to recruit team members who are committed to bringing value to the industry and staying abreast of changes in regulations and best practices.

Click here for more information and to apply for the exam.

The Certification in Healthcare Revenue Integrity

CHRI mission and core competencies

The mission of the CHRI credential is to ensure healthcare revenue integrity professionals are recognized for their due diligence in their field and dedication to professional growth. The CHRI credential can help new and veteran revenue integrity professionals demonstrate knowledge of revenue integrity core competencies. Professionals who earn the CHRI credential have proven their proficiency in rules and regulations, compliance, revenue management, and internal reporting strategies.

The objectives of the CHRI program are as follows:

  • Recognize the valuable contributions and knowledge base of healthcare revenue integrity professionals who have proven competency in revenue integrity subject matter through successful completion of the certification process
  • Promote knowledge of core skills relevant to the revenue integrity field, including mastery of relevant rules and regulations; ability to perform root cause analysis; aptitude for managing denials and appeals; knowledge of monitoring and auditing practices; assurance of accuracy of charge description master pricing structures and codes; understanding of coding, documentation, and billing requirements; and skill to develop internal reporting strategies that identify trends and solve problems
  • Assist healthcare facilities in ensuring staff have the knowledge and experience necessary to perform essential revenue-related job functions and bring value to the organization

The CHRI Practice Exam

The CHRI Practice Exam (sold seperately) arms revenue integrity professionals with the knowledge and confidence they need to ready themselves for NAHRI’s Certification in Healthcare Revenue Integrity (CHRI) credential exam. This 80-question, electronic practice exam includes remediation so CHRI exam candidates can understand why a selected response is correct or incorrect. Two practice exam attempts are included.