The Tubing Misconnections Prevention Handbook

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The Tubing Misconnections Prevention Handbook

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Get the jump on implementing the Joint Commission’s recommendation on tubing misconnections.

The Joint Commission’s 2006 Sentinel Event Alert on tubing misconnections provided tips for healthcare workers to follow in order to prevent them. This topic was proposed for the 2008 National Patient Safety Goals, and The World Health Organization has looked at tubing misconnections as a possible issue to address with its Collaborating Center for Patient Safety.

Preventing tubing misconnections at your facility by putting the information your staff needs right into their pockets with HCPro’s new handbook, The Tubing Misconnections Prevention Handbook. Focusing on The Joint Commission’s recommendations for preventing misconnections, this resource outlines simple ways to keep different lines straight when treating or moving a patient. This 24-page handbook was written with training in mind, explaining the topic in a clear, concise style. Available in packs of 25, this portable resource makes it easy to ensure every staff member is up-to-date on The Joint Commission recommendations.

This handbook will focus on The Joint Commission’s recommendations for preventing misconnections including the following:

  • Trace a tube or catheter from the patient to the point of origin before connecting any new device or infusion.
  • Re-check connections and trace all patient tubes and catheters to their sources upon the patient’s arrival to a new setting or service as part of the handoff process. Standardize this “line reconciliation” process.
  • Route tubes and catheters having different purposes in different, standardized directions (e.g., IV lines routed toward the head; enteric lines toward the feet).
  • Inform non-clinical staff, patients and their families that they must get help from clinical staff whenever there is a real or perceived need to connect or disconnect devices or infusion.

Who should buy this book:

  • Patient Safety Officers
  • Accreditation Professionals
  • QI/PI Directors
  • VP/Directors/Mangers of Nursing
  • Risk Managers
  • Educational Service Directors

The Tubing Misconnections Prevention Handbook
is a unique, affordable training resource that will help your staff prevent mistakes in tubing, line, and catheter misconnections. It also offers guidelines to follow during patient transfers and family interaction.

With The Tubing Misconnections Prevention Handbook, you can comply with the Joint Commission recommendations and make your facility safer when it comes to line misconnection issues. Give your staff the tools to succeed and keep your patients safe by ordering your pack of 25 today!