The Long Term Care Restorative Nursing Desk Reference

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The Long Term Care Restorative Nursing Desk Reference

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The Long Term Care Restorative Nursing Desk Reference

Barbara Acello

Develop a resident-centered restorative nursing program with this one-of-a-kind resource

Restorative nursing is an essential part of reimbursement, compliance, and the quality of life of your residents. Improper care planning or unclear documentation can negatively impact resident care and your bottom line. Rely on this one resource for all your restorative care questions and needs.

The Long-Term Care Restorative Nursing Desk Reference is a new all-inclusive desk reference that describes the clinical aspects of restorative nursing in detail and provides a much-needed guide for nurses in a long-term care facility. This resource makes it easy to find instant answers to questions you may have about maintaining or developing your restorative program.

Keep this resource close-at-hand for:

  • Everything you need to run a restorative nursing program including:
    • Who should run it
    • What activities should be included
    • How to document the program for reimbursement
  • In-depth explanation of how restorative nursing affects QIs, QMs, care planning, and reimbursement
  • Restorative approaches to preventing declines, falls, and eliminating restraint
  • Examples of restorative dining programs, bariatric care, and activities
  • Detailed references, charts, and figures

The Long-Term Care Restorative Nursing Desk Reference offers the help you need to create or sustain an effective restorative care program that puts your resident’s needs first.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1:     Introduction to Restorative Nursing
Chapter 2:     Legal Considerations
Chapter 3:     The Restorative Team
Chapter 4:     Establishing a Restorative Nursing Program
Chapter 5:     Restorative Care and the Nursing Process
Chapter 6:     Reimbursement Basics
Chapter 7:     Restorative Meal Service and Dining
Chapter 8:     Restorative Aspects of Elimination and Fluid Balance
Chapter 9:     Restorative Approaches to Preventing Declines
Chapter 10:   Basics of Bariatric Care
Chapter 11:   Restorative Approaches to Fall Prevention, Behavior Management, and Restraint Elimination
Chapter 12:   Restorative Exercises and Activities
Chapter 13:   Restorative Documentation

About the Author:

Barbara Acello, MS, RN, is an independent nurse consultant and educator. She has worked in long-term care for more than thirty-three years. In addition to owning and operating a school for nursing assistants, she helped to write and develop mandatory state curricula for nurse aides and EMTs.

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Published: August 2009