The Long-Term Care Legal Desk Reference

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The Long-Term Care Legal Desk Reference, Second Edition

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The Long-Term Care Legal Desk Reference, Second Edition

Barbara Acello, MS, RN

The Long-Term Care Legal Desk Reference, Second Edition uses a practical, reality-oriented approach to lawsuit prevention based on need to know information in the long-term care facility. Current trends and issues in healthcare are emphasized, and when appropriate, real world solutions to problems are presented. The text is designed to assist managers to be strong and proactive.

Written by accomplished author, Barbara Acello, MS, RN, this resource will help your facility manage risk and provide quality care with practical information and advice delivered in plain, easy-to-understand language. The book identifies potential legal risks and provides the tools and techniques needed to manage them.

Written specifically for administrators and nurse managers, this book will help you: 

  • Identify the pitfalls and problems that lead directly to the courtroom, and how to avoid them
  • Understand the law as it applies to long-term care facility administration, nursing management, and clinical practice
  • Understand current clinical information and standards of practice that are useful to managers and will complement more exhaustive sources of long-term care administrative, nursing, clinical, and legal information

View the Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction to Working in Long-Term Care

Chapter 2: Employee Issues

Chapter 3: The Litigation Process

Chapter 4: Standards of Care

Chapter 5: Common Causes of Survey Deficiencies

Chapter 6: Survey Outcomes

Chapter 7: Risk Management

Chapter 8: The Facility Environment

Chapter 9: Change in Condition

Chapter 10: Leading Causes of Lawsuits: Pressure Ulcers

Chapter 11: Leading Causes of Lawsuits: Falls

Chapter 12: Common Singular Event Problems

Chapter 13: Infection-Related Complications

Chapter 14: Progressive Injuries Related to Nutrition and Hydration

Chapter 15: Injuries Precipitated by Progressive Failures and Omissions of Care

Chapter 16: Rights of the Resident

Chapter 17: Medication Monitoring

Chapter 18: Employee Lawsuits

Chapter 19: Self-determination

Chapter 20: Quality Assurance/Benchmarking

Chapter 21: Financial Fraud and Abuse

Chapter 22: Documentation

About the Author

Barbara Acello, MS, RN is an independent nurse consultant and educator in Denton, Texas. She is a member of the Texas Nurses’ Association (TNA), NANDA International, and the American College of Healthcare Administrators (ACHCA), where she was honored with the Educator of the Year Award for 2007 and Journalism Award for 2009. Mrs. Acello’s employment has evolved since her graduation in 1971. She has worked as a Director of Nursing, Administrator, Long-Term Care facility consultant and educator, and held numerous corporate level positions in eight states. Presently, she is involved with freelance consulting, lecturing, and writing. She has written many textbooks, journal articles, and other materials related to acute and long-term care nursing, and nursing assistant practice and education. Although she has worked in acute care, emergency room, and EMS, long-term care is her preferred practice setting. She is committed to improving working conditions, education, and professionalism for nurses and nursing assistants in long-term care facilities. She may be contacted at

Published: June 2013