The Healthcare Executive's Guide to Urgent Care Centers and Freestanding EDs

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The Healthcare Executive's Guide to Urgent Care Centers and Freestanding EDs

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The Healthcare Executive's Guide to Urgent Care Centers and Freestanding EDs

A blueprint for planning, building, and operating a successful urgent care center or freestanding ED.

One in five Americans lacks adequate access to primary care physicians and even those patients with insurance and a primary care doctor can struggle to get same-day appointments, leaving many seeking treatment in overcrowded, high-cost emergency departments. Urgent care centers offer patients a lower-cost, convenient alternative to hospitals. For providers, these centers represent new business opportunities.

This roadmap to urgent care centers will help you and your organization:

  • Create a financial plan
  • Determine whether to lease or build
  • Develop an efficient staffing model
  • Effectively market the urgent care center
  • Learn strategies to grow and expand the urgent care center's services

Take a look at the table of contents

Chapter 1: Healthcare Market for Urgent Care Centers and Freestanding EDs

  • Changing Insurance Landscape
  • Cost of Care
  • Access to Care
  • Defining Urgent Care Facilities
  • ED and Urgent Care Interface

Chapter 2: Affiliation and Ownership

  • Business Case
  • Affiliation Urgent Care Models
  • Independent Urgent Care Models

Chapter 3: Creating a Financial Plan

  • Market Considerations
  • Financing 101

Chapter 4: Facility Considerations

  • Location Is Crucial
  • Lease vs. Ownership
  • Defining Internal Spaces
  • Equipment and Supply Needs

Chapter 5: Billing, Coding, Collections

  • Insurance Participation Strategies
  • Determining Which Payers to Work With
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Billing for Services

Chapter 6: Human Resources and Staffing

  • Hiring the Right People
  • Staffing Requirements
  • Staffing Hours
  • Staffing Based on Clinic Model

Chapter 7: Ancillary Testing: Laboratory and Radiology Services

  • Determining What Laboratory Services to Provide
  • Determining What Radiology Services to Provide

Chapter 8: Clinical Patient Care

  • Types of Clinical Conditions Treated
  • Medical Staff Issues
  • Medical Emergencies
  • A Few Clinical Pearls of Wisdom

Chapter 9: Patient Satisfaction:  Creating and Delivering the Right Expectations

  • The Cost of Dissatisfied Patients
  • Improving Patient Satisfaction
  • Specific Techniques to Satisfy Your Patients
  • Quality Issues

Chapter 10:  Marketing Strategies

  • Tailoring the Marketing Message
  • Building the Market Plan
  • Marketing Basics

Chapter 11: Safety and Risk Management

  • A Culture of Safety and Preventing Harm
  • A Systematic Approach
  • Reducing Errors and Preventing Harm
  • Military Aviation and Urgent Care Medicine
  • Taking a Walk
  • Stay Focused on Ongoing Operations

Chapter 12: Strategies to Expand Urgent Care Business

  • Occupational Medicine
  • Immunization Clinic
  • Travel Medicine
  • Physical Examinations
  • Hospital Affiliated Clinics

Chapter 13: The Freestanding Emergency Department

  • Principles of the Freestanding ED
  • Access to care

Chapter 14: Retail Clinics

  • Basics of Retail Clinics

Chapter 15: Urgent Care Centers as Part of Accountable Care Organization

  • ACO Concept
  • ACO Structure
  • Documentation and Electronic Health Records
  • Urgent Care Centers and ACOs

Chapter 16: The Ideal Urgent Care Clinic

  • Planning the “I Have a Dream” Clinic

Meet the Author

Michael F. Boyle, MD, FACEP
As regional director at Emergency Consultants, Inc. (ECI) in Traverse City, Michigan, Dr. Boyle oversees ECI-affiliated facilities in New York. Formerly clinical assistant professor of emergency medicine at the University of Texas at Houston, Dr. Boyle has supervised emergency services for a five-hospital group in Houston and a six-hospital group in Corpus Christi, Texas. 

Daniel G. Kirkpatrick, MHA, FACHE
Kirkpatrick brings more than 30 years of healthcare management experience in consulting, staff and administrator roles to his position as leader of client services at BestPractices, Inc., an emergency medicine leadership and staffing practice affiliate of EmCare. His background in hospital and medical practice management gives him a deep sensitivity to the complex issues confronting healthcare providers.

Published: July 2012