The Essentials Handbook package

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The Essentials Handbook package

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The Essentials Handbook package

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Credentials Committee Essentials Handbook

The Credentials Committee Essentials Handbook clarifies the critical role of the credentials committee member and the responsibilities of the role in relation to MEC, quality committee, and department chairs. With this handbook, credentials committee members can overcome the challenges of insufficient leadership training and equip themselves with the information they need to serve as an effective committee member throughout their appointment.

Plus, to make staff training easy, this handbook includes a customizable PowerPoint® presentation highlighting key takeaways covered in the handbook. 

Department Chair Essentials Handbook 

The Department Chair Essentials Handbook offers valuable insight into the role of the department chair and provides expert guidance for fulfilling the responsibilities. Whether newly assuming this role or a seasoned department chair, this handbook can help department chairs reach a deeper understanding of their duties. No matter the specialty, this book will give department chairs the information, knowledge and skills  needed to excel at this critical role and bring collaboration and strategic planning to the next level.

Medical Executive Committee Essentials Handbook

The Medical Executive Committee Essentials Handbook breaks down the medical executive committee role to facilitate understanding of the responsibilities and strategies for being an exemplary committee member. Although the look of an MEC is different at each organization, the basic functions and skills needed for success are the same. This handbook can be used as a comprehensive guide for physician leaders throughout their appointment, providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge they may not have received as part of their medical school training and residency.

Peer Review and Quality Committee Essentials Handbook 

Peer Review & Quality Committee Essentials Handbook compares and contrasts the traditional and contemporary definition of peer review and offers strategies to initiate focused professional practice evaluation based on peer review activities. This handbook can be used as a comprehensive guide for peer review & quality committee members, providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their role effectively.

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