The Essential Legal Handbook for Nurses: Best Practices for Nursing Staff (10-Pack)

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The Essential Legal Handbook for Nurses: Best Practices for Nursing Staff (10-Pack)

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The Essential Legal Handbook for Nurses: Best Practices for Nursing Staff (10-Pack)

Dinah Brothers, RN, JD

The Essential Legal Handbook for Nurses: Best Practices for Nursing Staff puts practical legal know-how into the hands of new and experienced staff, offering nurse educators and managers a proactive tool for orientation and in-service training. This compact handbook gives staff nurses in hospital and long-term care organizations the crucial, commonsense steps to take to protect themselves and their employer against avoidable legal liability.

From social media practices to safety requirements, The Essential Legal Handbook for Nurses provides staff with the rules of the road!

This handbook will help nursing staff:

  • Understand their legal rights 
  • Grasp the universal liability risks of the nursing profession
  • Align with policies regarding privacy, including those related to social media
  • Practice accountability in an interprofessional workplace
  • Understand and follow best safety practices

Table of Contents


Protect your patients, your hospital, and your license 

Chapter One: Adhering to Standards of Care

  • The standard of care in nursing practice
  • Scenario: Standard of care
  • Think about this
  • Negligence and professional malpractice
  • Scenario: Alarming negligence
  • Think about this
  • Duty to report
  • Scenario: Duty to report
  • Think about this
  • Patient abandonment
  • Scenario: Patient abandonment
  • Think about this

Chapter Two: Adhering to your employer's policies and procedures

  • Your employer’s written policies and procedures
  • Scenario: Violation of written policies and procedures
  • Think about this
  • Educational materials = policies and procedures
  • Scenario: Standard training materials
  • Think about this
  • Unwritten policies
  • Scenario: Known, but unwritten policies
  • Think about this
  • Keep your education and certifications current
  • Scenario: Unaddressed education/competency issues
  • Think about this

Chapter Three: Protecting yourself and your license

  • Conscientious objection
  • Scenario: Conscientious objection
  • Think about this
  • Workplace violence and aggression
  • Scenario: Patient and visitor violence
  • Think about this
  • Reporting work-related incidents
  • Scenario: Precursors of violence
  • Think about this
  • Reporting workplace violence and bullying
  • Scenario: Emergency room signs
  • Think about this
  • Becoming a whistleblower
  • Scenario: Whistleblower retaliation revealed
  • Think about this

Chapter Four: Resources

  • Whistleblower guidelines
  • Forms
  • Tables
  • Lists
  • Citations

About the Author:

Dinah Brothers, RN, JD, is a nurse attorney based in Texas. Brothers is a solo practitioner specializing in civil litigation. In her practice, she defends healthcare professionals in civil and administrative proceedings. Prior to becoming an attorney, Brothers worked as a nurse for 10 years, including a stint as a nurse manager. Her nursing experience includes psychiatric nursing, nursing management, and nursing education.

Continuing Education:

If you would like to find out about the availability of nursing contact hours on this or any other HCPro nursing book, please visit our Continuing Education information page, here.

Published: June 2015

Page count: 56
Dimensions: 5.5x8.5
ISBN: 978-1-55645-816-3