Restorative Nursing and You

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Restorative Nursing and You

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Restorative Nursing and You

Empower your CNAs to help residents maintain independence and improve their quality of life.

(Available on DVD only)

Give your CNAs the skills they need to ensure residents are remaining as independent and active as possible.
Restorative nursing is the heart of long-term care, helping residents remain as independent as possible while promoting well-being and overall health. And your CNAs play a vital role—providing the direct, day-to-day care that helps residents maintain independence. Yet, many CNAs don't understand the importance of restorative care and how to properly apply restorative techniques, which could lead to survey citations, or worse, harm to residents.

Restorative Nursing and You: Helping Nursing Home Residents Help Themselves is a unique video-based training resource that breaks the restorative nursing process down into terms that CNAs will relate to and understand. Not only will this help ensure that all CNAs are administering proper care, but it will give CNAs a sense of empowerment knowing they can use restorative care to improve residents lives.

Highlighting communication, ambulation, bathing/grooming, eating/dining, range-of-motion, and transfers, this video will present real-life scenarios to illustrate the type of care that CNAs can and should provide to help residents maintain independence.

In just 20 minutes, this video teaches your CNAs:

  • How to meet CMS expectations for restorative care
  • How to provide proper restorative care to ensure residents maintain an acceptable level of psychosocial and physical well-being
  • How to provide a safe environment for all residents

Restorative Nursing and You
also gives you all the training materials you need to provide a complete inservice to your CNAs, including

  • A complete lesson plan
  • A comprehension quiz to make sure CNAs absorb the information

Print and distribute as many copies as you need!

Customize your own video!

Many organizations that purchase our videos ask us to customize the videos for their organizations. We've done so with great success, so we'd like to extend this offer to you. With this exciting opportunity, you'll be able to customize Restorative Nursing and You to incorporate your organization's own staff members, policies and procedures, and specific concerns.

To learn more about customizing your Restorative Nursing and You video, please call toll-free 888/209-6554. We also offer money-saving discounts for volume purchases.