Proctoring: Assess Practitioner Competence

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Proctoring: Assess Practitioner Competence

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Proctoring: Assess Practitioner Competence

Your guide to building an effective proctoring program!

Even as regulators and the public demand more verification of physician competence, physicians have less time—and are less willing—to perform competence assessments and undergo monitoring. With this in mind, medical staffs must develop proctoring and precepting plans that are effective and efficient. Proctoring: Assess Practitioner Competence outlines the steps involved in proctoring, best methods for proctoring, and how to complete assessments. Author Todd Sagin, MD, JD, will help physician leaders and MSPs develop a proctoring program that physicians support.

This guide contains sample forms and checklists that medical staffs can use to conduct proctoring. MSPs and physician leaders will also find answers to common medical staff questions, such as the difference between proctoring and precepting, how ongoing professional practice evaluation (OPPE) and focused professional practice evaluation (FPPE) relate to proctoring, and how proctoring differs from peer review.

This Book Includes:

  • Precepting vs. proctoring: What’s the difference?
  • Physician lack of time, apathy, fear of being sued
  • How to proctor: Types of proctoring, innovative ideas
  • Should you pay proctors?
  • How does proctoring relate to OPPE and FPPE?
  • What is the MSP’s/physician leader’s role in proctoring?
  • Using outside proctors
  • Proctoring for new privileges vs. proctoring for cause
  • Guidelines for proctors
  • Choosing proctors
  • Reporting the information discovered, sharing with physician, committees
  • Sample templates and policies, how to tweak for specialty


Who Will Benefit:

  • Medical staff professional
  • Medical staff coordinator
  • Credentialing coordinator
  • Manager of medical staff services
  • Physician
  • Physician leader
  • Medical staff leader
  • Chief medical officer
  • Vice president of medical affairs
  • Medical executive committee chair
  • Medical executive committee member
  • Department chair
  • Credentials committee chair
  • Credentials committee member
  • Peer review committee chair
  • Peer review committee member


About the Author:

Todd Sagin, MD, JD is the national medical director of Sagin Healthcare Consulting, LLC, and HG Healthcare Consultants, LLC, which provide guidance on a wide range of healthcare issues. Dr. Sagin’s work frequently involves creating bylaws documents or assisting in the revision of these documents. He has served in a wide range of management and physician leadership roles over his career, including vice president, chief medical officer, and senior medical director.

Published: July 31, 2017

Page count: 158
Dimensions: 7x9
ISBN: 978-1-68308-653-6