Patient Safety Monitor

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Patient Safety Monitor Journal

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Patient Safety Monitor is now part of a basic membership to the Accreditation & Quality Compliance Center.

Patient Safety Monitor Journal

Patient Safety Monitor Journal is an  Accreditation & Quality Compliance Center membership benefit.

Get best practices and customizable tools to improve your patients’ safety!

Your Patient Safety Monitor Journal subscription is part of a basic membership to the Accreditation & Quality Compliance Center (AQCC)! As a member you’ll receive best practices and tools related to sentinel events, care of patients, medication errors, infection control, restraints, competencies, credentialing, patient assessment, falls and workplace violence.

As a basic member of the Accreditation & Quality Compliance Center you have access to a wealth of benefits including: 

  • Monthly publications: 
    • Inside Accreditation & Quality delivers expert advice, analysis, and best practices to comply with accreditors’ standards to ensure a successful accreditation system at your facility. 
    • Patient Safety Monitor Journal provides expert advice, analysis, and best practices on the latest patient safety news and guidance to address your facility’s patient safety and quality challenges. 
    • Healthcare Safety Leader provides safety professionals with crucial information and clear-cut guidance on how to improve and ensure hospital safety. 
  • Searchable Archives—Access articles that ran in Healthcare Safety Leader, Briefings on Accreditation & Quality, Inside the Joint Commission, and Patient Safety Monitor Journal for expert advice and best practices related to sentinel events, patient care, medication errors, infection control, restraints, credentialing, and patient assessments, helping you meet standards and avoid RFIs. 
  • Accreditation & Quality Compliance Advisor—This weekly e-newsletter delivers the latest tips, tools, and strategies for healthcare professionals, including breaking news and regulatory updates.  
  • The Encyclopedia—An on-the-go reference packed with easy-to-digest accreditation and quality terms, definitions, and guidance to assist members in their daily tasks. 
  • Resource Library—Customizable forms, tools, policies, and procedures. 
  • Mac’s Safety Space—This blog, written by our resident hospital safety expert Steve MacArthur, tackles the hospital safety issues that matter most to you.  
  • HCPro Career Center—A sleek site where members can connect with talented professionals or search for new career opportunities. 

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