Pain Management

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Pain Management

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Pain Management: Improve Joint Commission Compliance and Provide Better Care

Keep patients safe and pain-free while in your care.

In light of greater scrutiny from The Joint Commission and increased awareness from the public, it is critically important that your staff properly assess, document, and treat patients’ pain while in your care.

Train your staff on effective pain management

HCPro’s training video, Pain Management: Improve Joint Commission Compliance and Provide Better Care outlines The Joint Commission's requirements for pain management and the steps your staff need to take when assessing a patient's pain. This video uses familiar scenarios to demonstrate effective and compliant methods for treating and documenting pain.

Scenes featured in Pain Management address these important topics:

  • Patient's right to pain treatment and management regardless of age or ability to communicate
  • Pain management during a hand-off of care
  • Proper documentation and communication of pain management between caregivers
  • Initial assessment and further reassessment of patient's pain
  • Patient and family education

Learning Objectives

After viewing this training DVD, your staff will be able to:

  1. Explain a patient's right to receive effective, safe pain management.
  2. Assess the nature and intensity of a patient's pain.
  3. Reassess a patient's pain status.
  4. Describe the proper method for the prescription of effective pain control medications.
  5. Evaluate the patient's need for ongoing pain control.
  6. Demonstrate effective pain management strategies
  7. Identify components of appropriate pain management documentation
  8. Identify essential components to include when providing patient/family education concerning pain management

Includes tools on CD-ROM and BONUS pocket cards!

Pain Management: Improve Joint Commission Compliance and Provide Better Care includes more than just a DVD. You also receive a companion CD-ROm that features pain management reading materials, tools you can download and customize, and a continuing education quiz!

Plus, you also get 25 free laminated pocket cards to distribute to staff members. These cards contain useful pain management tips and prompt questions that staff can use when assessing pain.

Benefits of video training

To help you train staff more effectively, Pain Management on DVD features a menu organized by training topics that allow you to easily find the areas you'd like to train on. This makes it easy to train on specific areas at times that are convenient to your staff’s busy schedule. Videos are a valuable and time-saving method of staff education. They allow you to:

  • Work at your own pace, and schedule training at times that are convenient for your staff
  • Train staff in small groups or hundreds at a time
  • Jump to the topic you need to review whenever you want
  • Stop a DVD at any time to emphasize a point being discussed or take questions from staff in real time

Plus, video training ensures that every staff member receives the same training, and hears the same tips and advice.

Who should buy this DVD?

Hospital managers and directors in the following roles should make Pain Management part of their staff training program:

  • QI/PI directors
  • Nurse managers
  • Risk managers
  • Case managers
  • Medical staff directors
  • Survey coordinators
  • Administrators/C-suite

Who should watch this DVD?

Pain Management: Improve Joint Commission Compliance and Provide Better Care is an essential educational tool for any and all hospital staff who treat patient pain.