Orthopedics and Spine

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Orthopedics and Spine

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Orthopedics and Spine
Innovative Strategies for Service Line Success, Second Edition

Judy E. Jones, MS; Marshall K. Steele, MD

This comprehensive source for orthopedic and spine service line development addresses future healthcare challenges while incorporating leadership, high-performance culture, and process changes. The focus is on patient-centric care—at every level of the care episode.

Written by an entire team of orthopedic and spine service line experts, this book will help maximize the orthopedic service line's success. Readers will receive high-level guidance and case studies to help them:

  • Prepare for the healthcare initiatives of the future
  • Create a branded Destination Center of Superior Performance for your service line 
  • Strengthen relationships with stakeholders
  • Develop a high performance culture

Differentiate your hospital and your surgeons within the marketplace

What’s New:

Since the first edition of Orthopedics and Spine, there have been major changes in healthcare. This book addresses how to overcome the challenges associated with these changes, such as:

  • Understanding the future of healthcare Preparing to take on risk
  • Proving value
  • Bridging the hospital physician gap
  • Addressing the on call crisis
  • Incorporating LEAN and its culture into everyday hospital practice

This edition also contains chapters dedicated to physicians and administrators sharing their personal experiences in healthcare to illustrate the importance of patient centered care, the challenges of change, communicating effectively, the need for simplicity, and how to stay positive through it all. 

Check out the Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Orthopedics/Spine Today
Chapter 2: Orthopedics/Spine Tomorrow
Chapter 3: Defining and Pursuing Superior Performance
Chapter 4: Creating a Performance Culture
Chapter 5: Creating the A Team
Chapter 6: Physician Alignment
Chapter 7: Patient-Centric Systems of Care—Before
Chapter 8: Patient-Centric Systems of Care—After
Chapter 9: Implementation
Chapter 10: Measurement Knowledge Management Innovation
Chapter 11: Operating Room Best Practices
Chapter 12: Medical Device Relationships/ Managing Supply Costs
Chapter 13: Branding/Marketing
Chapter 14: Joint, Fracture Care
Chapter 15: Spine Care
Chapter 16: Sports Medicine, Hand, Foot/Ankle
Chapter 17: Stories From Docs
Chapter 18: Stories From Administration Chapter 19: Primer on Lean
Chapter 20: Leadership
Chapter 21: Core Institute

About the Authors:

Marshall K Steele, MD, a board certified orthopedic surgeon was a practicing orthopedic surgeon for 30 years as well as a hospital administrator for 10 years. After creating extraordinary success in his own hospital in 2005, he cofounded an implementation company, Marshall | Steele, that using the methods in this book, has created similar success with thousands of surgeons and in over 200 hospitals to date.

Judy E. Jones, MS, has 24 years in service line development and surgical marketing for major healthcare systems. She cofounded Marshall | Steele and helped implement and develop the systems and services described in this book. 

Published: June 2013