Medical Illustrations for Procedures, First Edition

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Medical Illustrations for Procedures, First Edition

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Medical Illustrations for Procedures, First Edition

The Medical Illustrations for Procedures, First Edition, provides new and veteran medical coders with a visual guide to a handpicked selection of the most frequently reported CPT® procedural codes.

Throughout the seven chapters of the book, more than 1,400 line drawings demonstrate the anatomical site of procedures across a range of body systems, illustrating the basics of the procedure to assist in code selection. Each illustration provides code-level guidance and, where applicable, differentiates the specific procedures among families of codes, imparting a more nuanced understanding of how procedures – and their related anatomical sites – map to specific CPT codes.

This unique companion to your CPT Manual supports accurate coding and facilitates understanding of the convergence of physical anatomy, medical procedural services and the CPT coding system.

You get:

  • 1,400+ illustrations presented in a two-column format with sequential code illustrations for a single code or for a logical grouping of codes.
  • The CPT code or code range at the top of the illustration so you can quickly find the code you’re looking for
  • Each illustration contains one or more anatomical sites for ease of use
  • Descriptions of the procedure alongside the drawing so you can quickly pinpoint the code that corresponds to the specific procedure as defined by the CPT code set

Medical Illustrations for Procedures will be most useful if used in conjunction with the official CPT code book. Using the resources in tandem will enable the coder to make the most accurate code selection while augmenting underlying knowledge of anatomy and procedural services.

Published: July 2022

Format: Print, 8x11, spiral-bound
Pages: 256
ISBN: 978-1-64535-226-6