Leaders' Guide to Healthcare Analytics

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Leaders' Guide to Healthcare Analytics

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Leaders' Guide to Healthcare Analytics

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Analytics use will be driven by value-based care and the assumption of greater downside risk; providers will need tools to make sense of the data. The Leaders' Guide to Healthcare Analytics presents best practices and lessons learned from leading healthcare organizations, helping to understand how IT tools and analytics are becoming essential for business intelligence and predictive capabilities.

Titles in the collection include:

  • REPORT - HealthLeaders Media Insider: Healthcare Analytics
  • REPORT - The Analytics Challenge: Gaining Critical Insight into Risk-Based Models
  • WEBCAST - Driving Improvement Through Internal Quality Scorecards: The Norton Healthcare Model
  • WEBCAST - Leveraging CG-CAHPS to Engage: The Lakewood Health System Program

Healthcare AnalyticsHealthLeaders Media Insider: Healthcare Analytics

With healthcare organizations churning out an increasing volume of clinical, financial, and operational data, IT tools and analytics are becoming essential for business intelligence and predictive capabilities. This collection of articles and resources reveals how providers are using analytics to learn about the people they serve and to improve operations and bottom line performance.

You’ll learn proven strategies for success and find out answers to key strategic questions, including:

  • How has their unit cost–improvement project already yielded improvements of 12.5%–15% for Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Medical Center?
  • How are analytics helping providers to navigate the shift to value-based care and minimize the risk of shared savings arrangements?
  • What tools and processes did Network Health use to reduce variations in care and improve population management?
  • How was WellPoint able to identify and implement a 35% increase in appropriate mammograms, a 9% lower readmission rate, and a 4%-17% reduction in avoidable emergency room visits?
  • And much more!

The Analytics ChallengeThe Analytics Challenge: Gaining Critical Insight into Risk-Based Models

Analytics has evolved from functioning as a finance and administration tool to an expanded role that includes integrating financial and clinical data. As the industry moves from fee-for-service to value-based care, providers will be consumed with analyzing payer- and patient-related data from diverse internal and external sources. Accurate and detailed analytics are vital to evaluating organizations risk.

This report includes:

  • Three enlightening case studies from: JFK Health System, Mercy Health, and University of Michigan Health System 
  • Analysis and key takeaways drawn from our survey research
  • Principal Conclusions and Recommendations from the HealthLeaders Media research team and industry advisors
  • A meeting guide to share with your organization

Driving ImprovementDriving Improvement Through Internal Quality Scorecards: The Norton Healthcare Model 

In a time of growing transparency and a more critical patient-consumer, healthcare scorecards present both a challenge and an opportunity to utilize the results for effective messaging and clinical improvement. Whether an organization is crafting scorecards for self-evaluation or responding to public reports, the data must be handled strategically. Norton Healthcare developed a scorecard that has become a blueprint for other organizations because of its unique focus on organizational values and its ability to be customized for clinical and quality teams. 

During this webcast, listeners will:

  • See how to develop an internal scoring system that is based on common metrics but aligned with the organization’s strategic vision
  • Learn how to formally structure your organization to drive quality based on internal scorecards
  • Understand how to slice and dice the data for more meaningful analysis and to identify the failure and success points in the process
  • Get real examples of collaboration on quality initiatives, from the CMO to physicians to staff

Leveraging CG-CAHPS to EngageLeveraging CG-CAHPS to Engage: The Lakewood Health System Program 

Through strategic analysis and creative application of CG-CAHPS data across their six clinics, Lakewood Health System has been able to raise the bar on service excellence, ranking among Minnesota’s top performing clinics for patient experience. By increasing score transparency among staff and patients and launching innovative programs to engage patients in care improvement, Lakewood was able to create a sustainable and physician-driven model of exceptional patient experience.

At the conclusion of this program, participants will:

  • Understand the dynamic nature of CG-CAHPS in today’s healthcare environment
  • Discover strategies to interpret CG-CAHPS scores and apply them to care improvement initiatives
  • Learn effective ways to collect immediate and honest patient feedback
  • Find out how to encourage staff buy-in and ownership of scores
  • Learn some of the challenges associated with a cultural shift for transparency