HCS-O Exam Essentials, 2023

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HCS-O Exam Essentials, 2023

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HCS-O Exam Essentials, 2023

Save 20% on HCS-O exam study essentials with this special bundle!

The Home Care Clinical Specialist – OASIS (HCS-O) Certification Study Guide, 2023 takes you through the competencies necessary to master as you prepare for the HCS-O certification exam. It delivers OASIS assessment tips and sample test questions.

  • Practice Questions — Increase your confidence level in taking the exam by testing your knowledge against HCS-O practice scenarios.
  • Exam Outline — Review the concepts that will be tested on your HCS-O exam, and make sure you're familiar with all of the topics outlined.
  • OASIS assessment tips — Get valuable clues to the exam questions.

Keep all your OASIS documents in one easy-to-reference resource that allows you to easily search for the OASIS guidance you use most often with the OASIS Form Companion, 2023. This must-have resource includes OASIS guidance to ensure you answer questions on the OASIS assessment correctly. It’s also an ideal resource for HCS-O candidates to use to study for the HCS-O certification examination. Note, the OASIS Form Companion, 2023, is an allowable resource when taking the HCS-O exam, and can be taken into the exam room.

ISBN: 978-1-64535-287-7