Finance, Budgeting & Quantitative Analysis

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Finance, Budgeting & Quantitative Analysis

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Finance, Budgeting & Quantitative Analysis

Finance, Budgeting & Quantitative Analysis: A Primer for Nursing Home Administrators is a comprehensive guide designed specifically to help long-term care managers produce, present, and defend the departmental budget.

Author Brian Garavaglia, Ph.D., FACHCA, offers new and updated tips and tools that break down the confusing and often foreign, financial side of healthcare. This one-of-a-kind resource offers step-by-step instructions, and helpful charts that translate the confusing language, number crunching, and report reading into information that managers can apply to budget planning and preparing in long-term care settings.

Finance, Budgeting & Quantitative Analysis: A Primer for Nursing Home Administrators will give you:

  • Concise explanations of the finance and budget cycle in nursing homes for non-financial professionals
  • Real-world examples and case studies that illustrate the right way to manage finance and budgeting
  • All the forms necessary to successfully manage the budget
  • Clarification of how revenue and budgeting intersect and the effect it has on the bottom line
  • Description of the SNF and PPS revenue challenges and how they affect financial planning

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The General Accounting Procedure 

Chapter 2: Financial Statements

Chapter 3: Debits, Credits, and Postings to Accounts

Chapter 4: The Accounting Cycle

Chapter 5: Inventory

Chapter 6: Planning and Budgeting

Chapter 7: Cost Containment in Long-Term Care

Chapter 8: PPDs As the Benchmark for Measurement

Chapter 9: Labor Costs

Chapter 10: The Staff

Chapter 11: Medicaid, Medicare, and Third-Party Payment

Chapter 12: The Financial Implications for Insurance Policies

Chapter 13: Consolidated Billing and the MDS

Chapter 14: Quantitative Analysis for Long-Term Care Administrators Traditional Scientific Tenets

Chapter 15: Common Quantitative Analytical Techniques for Healthcare Administration

Chapter 16: Correlation: The Importance of Measuring Relationships between Variables

Chapter 17: Inferentially Based Statistical Procedures

Chapter 18: The Time Value of Money

Chapter 19: Planning Through the Use of Networks

Chapter 20: Economic Principles

Chapter 21: Mathematical Review

Chapter 22: References and Suggested Readings


When you purchase this book, you will also receive on-line access to a number of valuable tools, which you can download straight to your desktop, then customize to fit your specific needs.

About the Author

Brian Garavaglia, Ph.D., FACHCA, is a long-term care administrator, gerontologist, consultant, author, and educator. He has 27 years of experience in healthcare, especially in dealing with older adults in the long-term care setting. He currently works as a nursing home administrator in Michigan and is also affiliated with colleges and universities within Michigan and Arizona.

Published: April 2013