F-Tag 373

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F-Tag 373: Feeding Assistance: A video training guide

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F-Tag 373: Feeding Assistance: A video training guide

Nursing homes use paid feeding assistants to help residents eat and drink at meal times. These trained employees are allow nurses and nurse aides to focus on residents' other health care needs. Under F-tag 373, nursing homes must ensure that feeding assistants are properly trained and work within the limits of their roles—or they may face CMS survey citations.
Quick and effective training in less than 20 minutes
HCPro’s training video, F-Tag 373: Feeding Assistance: A video training guide, uses familiar nursing home scenarios to outline CMS’ requirements under F-tag #373 for feeding assistants. This video on DVD provides:

  • Easy-to-understand training on F-tag #373 that can withstand surveyor scrutiny
  • Fast training for both CNAs and paid feeding assistants
  • A handy training tool to orient new staff members or to refresh veteran staff members
  • A suitable supplement to any CNA training program for dining

Give your frontline staff the confidence and skills they need to effectively assist residents

No other video on the market addresses the use of feeding assistantslike F-Tag 373: Feeding Assistance: A video training guide. You’ll feel comfortable and secure that you are providing your frontline staff with effective training while staying in compliance with CMS. We’ve adapted this video to meet the toughest state regulations out there so even if your state is less stringent you’ll be providing your staff with the best training available.

BONUS CD-ROM included!
F-Tag 373: Feeding Assistance even includes a bonus CD-ROM with a complete inservice and a quiz so you can test staff knowledge. Simply insert the DVD into a compatible computer and with a few clicks, you’ll have ready-made training documents to use in your facility.

You’ll keep this video close-at-hand to train new staff or refresh existing staff about feeding residents safely and appropriately.

For more F-tag and CNA training resources, click on the Long-Term Care tab in the above navigation bar.