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Need to stay current with business innovations shaping the pharma industry? Worried that the competition is edging ahead of you?

ePharmaceuticals™ ePharm5 daily e-mail delivers the day's top five developments in pharma business innovation, with original research, interviews, and analysis.

ePharm5 InDepth subscribers receive ePharm5's daily e-mail, PLUS access to a library of 125,000 industry-related full-text articles, white papers, special reports, and every ePharm5 news brief ever published. ePharm5 InDepth subscribers also have access to Company Finder, an up-to-date comprehensive directory of companies serving the pharma and provider industries.

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ePharmaceuticals™ reporting and insight from industry leaders ensures that you'll get the best information for your business decisions.

  • As pharma brand managers search for compelling online marketing channels to reach patients and physicians, you'll find out what's working and what isn't.
  • Patients are starting to pressure physicians to do more online. But physicians are weary of reimbursement and liability issues. Stay current on any developments that may tip the balance.
  • Insurers, patient groups, and others are offering online disease-management tools for consumers, with an eye toward controlling costs and enhancing disease awareness. Find out which ones work.
  • Companies around the world are managing increased data protection requirements. Read about the clear and present risks related to new data reporting requirements for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Governors from coast to coast have embraced foreign drug importation as a political issue, much to the chagrin of the FDA, and the debate is headed for a showdown in the U.S. Congress. ePharm5 identifies the players and policymakers experimenting with online channels to cheap drugs.
  • Track how the pharma industry responds to pressure from the medical community, and increasingly from regulators, to disclose data from clinical trials. See how some drug firms have become amenable to using the Internet to post results and other data online.

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For more information, please call ePharmaceuticals at 877/437-4276. Or e-mail epharm@hcpro.com.