Emergency Management Training for Frontline Staff

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Emergency Management Training for Frontline Staff

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Winner of the 2009 Communicator "Award of Excellence" in the category of "Training for Corporate use"!

During a community disaster, people flock to the hospital because "there is power, there is food, there are medicines, there is shelter, and there are a variety of things. So what the hospital may very well find itself is the beacon of the community, saying bring me your tired, your poor, your people without homes, those that are worried about their health."
--Joseph Cappiello, Chair of Cappiello & Associates, explaining why frontline staff must be prepared during an emergency response

Educate frontline staff members about their roles in The Joint Commission’s six critical areas of emergency management.

The Joint Commission’s focus on emergency preparedness has never been stronger. Frontline staff members have important responsibilities when it comes to emergency management—and now you can help them understand these requirements as they prepare to handle community emergencies or participate in disaster exercises.

Give them quality training that doesn’t break the budget with Emergency Management Training for Frontline Staff: Protect Your Facility and Comply with The Joint Commission.

In just 30 minutes, this DVD will teach your frontline staff how to prepare and meet the challenges for six critical areas of emergency management.

This video features exclusive advice from Joseph Cappiello, Chair of Cappiello & Associates and the former vice president of field operations for The Joint Commission, who helped write the revised emergency management standards that went into effect in 2008. Through Cappiello’s comments and footage of actual emergency drill training, your frontline staff members will feel more prepared to handle response activities and disaster exercise requirements.

The Joint Commission’s revised emergency management standards focus on six critical areas that hospitals not only must observe, but that surveyors will ask about. In our DVD, each of these six critical areas is broken into five-minute segments, with a menu option that makes it easy to go directly to the sections you want to view.

Provide quality emergency training to your frontline staff members so they understand their roles during the following six critical aspects of emergency response:

  • Communication
  • Managing resources and assets
  • Ensuring their safety and security
  • Knowing their response-specific responsibilities
  • Managing utilities
  • Monitoring patient and support activities

BONUS CD-ROM included!

Emergency Management Training for Frontline Staff includes a bonus CD-ROM with the following tools, forms, and articles to help you better train frontline staff:

  • Sample checklist for emergency power preparedness
  • Sample tabletop exercise for pandemic influenza
  • Sample disaster cart inventory checklist
  • Helpful articles about classifying worker risk during emergency plans, how to use the Medical Reserve Corps to boost your regional disaster plans, and communication alternatives that have proven useful for hospitals

Simply insert the bonus CD-ROM into a compatible computer and with a few clicks, you’ll have ready-made training documents and analysis to use in your facility.

Who will benefit from this DVD?

Any frontline staff member who has a role in emergency response will learn from this informative, easy-to-understand video training tool.