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Care Area Assessments: Culture Change for Process and Outcome Improvement

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Care Area Assessments:
Culture Change for Process and Outcome Improvement

Debbie Ohl, RN, LHNA

Streamline resident care decision-making with improved CAA processes

Use the resources you already have to complete resident CAAs efficiently and accurately

Harness the people, information, and technology in your facility to achieve optimal person-centered care. In Care Area Assessments: Culture Change for Process & Outcome Improvement, long-term care expert consultant Debbie Ohl, RN, MMsc, PhD, will help you maximize your existing resources to improve your CAA processes and facilitate culture change involving your entire interdisciplinary team (IDT). You will discover communication strategies that will help streamline information to the entire IDT, ensuring direct caregivers are able to respond immediately and appropriately. Additionally, the author will break down all 20 CAAs, providing you with a detailed plan of what to look for during your assessments and how to accurately and efficiently complete them.

Care Area Assessments: Culture Change for Process and Outcome Improvement will help you:

  • Save time and unnecessary effort by eliminating documentation redundancy when completing the CAA
  • Implement a strategic plan for your entire interdisciplinary team that embraces person-centered care
  • Ensure staff know how to use CAAs as critical decision-making tools in the care planning process
  • Improve resident outcomes by knowing what to look for in each assessment using a thorough analysis of all 20 CAAs
  • Ensure consistency of assessments across all disciplines by developing a templated process to complete the CAA

Table of Contents

  • The RAI Clinical Assessment Process
  • Culture Change
  • Transforming What We Do and How We Do It
  • The IDT Strategic Plan
    • Team Area Assessment (TAA)
    • Elements of the Plan
    • Example of TAA Strategic Plan Assessment
  • The MDS Coordinator      
  • Facility Actions and Practices
  • The Clinical Assessment Areas
    • Resources
    • Data Collection
    • Process Steps
  • Understanding How the CAA Process Is Designed to Work
    • Personalize the Experience
  • How to Think Critically
  • Getting the Best Results With the CAAs
  • CAA Disciplinary Assignments and Recommendations
  • Bringing CAA Benefits Into Reality
  • CAA and Care Plan Focus
  • RAI Facility Training
  • Policies, Procedures, Protocols
  • Person- Centered Responsibilities
  • Culture Change and CAAs

About the Author

Debbie Ohl, RN, MMsc, PhD, is a speaker, educator, consultant, author, and successful entrepreneur. Ohl’s professional career spans nearly 30 years and includes diverse experiences as a long-term care consultant, specializing in rules, regulations and clinical practice guidelines, clinical assessment, and care planning. She has written more than a dozen manuals and contributed to clinical software programs on assessment and care planning.

Published: November 2011