2022 E/M Office Visit Reference Guide

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2022 E/M Office Visit Reference Guide

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2022 E/M Office Visit Reference Guide

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The 2021 E/M documentation guidelines created a sea change in how medical practices select a level of E/M service. The revised reporting requirements marked the first significant update in more than 20 years since the release of the 1995 and 1997 documentation guidelines.

The 2022 E/M Office Visit Reference Guide delivers a comprehensive overview of the E/M documentation guidelines and a clear, in-depth analysis of the 2021 changes, including the confusing new medical decision-making (MDM) guidelines so that you can ensure a seamless shift to the new guidelines.

Use the 2022 E/M Office Visit Reference Guide to train staff, reduce the risk of miscoding and the denials and audits that may result, and lessen the disruption to a key revenue stream. E/M office visits account for 20% of total physician fee schedule charge. In 2018, practices gained $15.6 billion in payments from Medicare for the suite of E/M office visit codes 99201-99215.

Look what’s new in the 2022 edition:

New: Technical errata: Get coverage of the AMA’s technical errata, which includes a variety of clarifications, expansions and new items that pertain to the E/M office visit guidelines.

New: Official AMA guidance: In addition to the technical errata, receive CY2021 CPT Assistant items, which provide official AMA feedback along with expert reactions and analysis.

New: New scenarios: Get 10 brand-new scenarios across the E/M office visit code set.

New: Vital FAQs based on updates and changes announced during CY2021. The book's expanded FAQ section will answer confusing, hot-button items, such as the "data review" column of the MDM table.

New: CMS news: Get the latest coding/billing guidelines from CMS, based on the latest rule-making periods.

With the 2022 E/M Office Visit Reference Guide you can:

  • Ensure your coders are accurately selecting the correct level of service for E/M office visits with office and staff training tips, including separate breakout sections for coders and clinicians; audit safeguards; and more.

  • Understand the level of medical decision-making or time for code selection with comprehensive coverage of MDM and time elements.

  • Receive guidance from the AMA that you won’t find in your CPT Manual.

  • Get official CMS  guidance on the 2021 E/M office visit documentation guidelines, and detail the differences among regional Medicare administrative contractor (MAC) guidance.

  • Get a first look at the 2022 E/M fees.

  • Take a look at how private payers are setting rules and releasing guidance.

  • Review the "pain points" that are impacting practices, and get solutions.

  • Understand the differences between CPT and HCPCS prolonged services coding.

  • Train clinicians on the 2021 documentation changes with several dozen documentation scenarios that clearly illustrate how a coder/clinician should accurately select a Level 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 E/M code. The book will present scenarios tailored to specific specialties.

Published: December 2021

Page count: 194
ISBN: 978-1-64535-120-7