CPT® Changes 2021: An Insider's View

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CPT® Changes 2021: An Insider's View

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CPT® Changes 2021: An Insider's View

Better understand the latest revisions to the 2021 CPT® code set with best-selling CPT® Changes 2021: An Insider’s View companion book. Use this annual publication to get an insider’s perspective into the changes included in the AMA’s CPT® Professional Edition codebook – direct from the source.

AMA is the authority to turn to when seeking an official interpretation and explanation for a CPT code or guideline change. Know the changes inside and out. Avoid and reduce claim denials.

Features include:

  • Organizational structure like the CPT codebook — allows coders to easily conduct a side-by-side
    read of CPT® Changes with the CPT® Professional

  • Official AMA rationales — provide a detailed explanation for the code or guideline change

  • Clinical examples, procedural descriptions and illustrations — help explain the practical application for
    each change

  • At-a-glance summary table of the 2021 changes in each section — shows the extent to which that changes affect a specialty

Published: November 2020

Pages: 276
ISBN: 978-1-64535-043-9