Women's Health: Strategies for Superior Service Line Performance

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Women's Health: Strategies for Superior Service Line Performance

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Women’s health services—getting beyond the delivery room

Mary Anne Lappin Graf

Women’s health services are no longer limited to obstetrics. Smart organizations are expanding women’s health to encompass everything from cardiovascular care to orthopedics to wellness, taking advantage of the new emphasis on gender-based medicine. Given the rapidly changing dynamic of this service line, providers have the unique opportunity to capitalize on women’s health or risk losing market share to their competitors.

Women’s Health: Strategies for Superior Service Line Performance offers the business guidance you need to transition women’s health to a comprehensive service line that increases market share, improves clinical quality, drives down costs, and helps drive business to all other parts of the organization.

Receive high-level guidance and case studies to help you: 

  • Develop a comprehensive women’s health program beyond obstetrics
  • Build loyalty with women, the No. 1 healthcare decision-makers, as well as their friends and extended families
  • Create a road map for long-term success by using EHRs and telehealth to drive down costs, document results, and lead in quality
  • Establish strong physician-hospital alignment, with or without employment
  • Boost your overall bottom line with a thriving cross-departmental service line

Take a look at the Table of Contents

  • Introduction: The Air We Breathe
    • The National Context
    • The Organizational Context
  • Chapter 1: Service Line: What and Why
    • Why Do Service Lines Exist?
    • Current State of Service Lines
    • Are Service Lines Here to Stay?
  • Chapter 2: Why a Women’s Service Line?
    • Unprecedented Growth
    • The Return of the Babies
    • Utilization
    • The Family Healthcare Gatekeeper
    • Potential for Philanthropy
  • Chapter 3: What About a Men’s Service Line?
    • Historic Perspective
    • Growing Interest?
  • Chapter 4: Women’s Healthcare Trends
    • Shaping Strategy: Women’s Health Trends
    • The Age of the IDS, ACOs, and True Quality
    • Service Line Planning and Direction
  • Chapter 5: Laying the Foundation
    • Visioning and Planning for Success
    • The Business Plan
    • Resource Allocation
    • Budgeting for Kick-Off and Maintenance
    • Dealing with Worship at the Three High Altars of Healthcare: Cardiology, Cancer and Orthopedics
  • Chapter 6: Finance and Marketing
    • Defining Service Line Value
    • Service Line Finance: Beyond Department Analysis
    • Downstream Revenue and Value
    • What Women Want: Attracting the Female Consumer
    • The Power of Market Research
    • Leveraging Psychographics
  • Chapter 7: Kicking Off Your Service Line
    • Defining the Outcomes and Value
    • Stay Focused
    • Proactive Alignment Process
    • Data, Listening, and Relationship: The Keys to Alignment
    • Planning for Reality
    • Physicians and The E Words (Engage and/or Employ)
  • Chapter 8: Staying on Top
    • Know Yourself
    • Know Your Customers
    • Know Your Market
    • Respect the Change Process

Who will benefit from this book?

  • Healthcare leaders
  • Service line directors
  • CEOs
  • CFOs
  • COOs
  • CIOs
  • CMOs
  • CNOs
  • Business development executives
  • Planning and business development heads
  • Directors of public relations/marketing
  • Healthcare marketing executives
  • Healthcare consultants
  • Physicians
  • Board members
  • Service line managers
  • Department heads

Meet the Author

Mary Anne Lappin Graf is vice president, Women's & Children's Services, Bon Secours Richmond Health System, Richmond, VA. With more than 30 years of experience in healthcare, Ms. Graf is responsible for new business development and marketing for women’s and children’s services at Bon Secours Richmond (VA) Health System. Her areas of expertise include organizational change and innovation, market-driven program design, business development, and marketing. Prior to joining Bon Secours, she founded the consultancy Health Care Innovations and HCI Market Research Group. Her personal consulting clients include Duke University Medical Center, Texas Children's Hospital/Baylor (Texas Medical Center), Johns Hopkins, and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical.

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Published: December 2010