What's My Fine DVD: OSHA Annual Retraining Program

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What's My Fine DVD: OSHA Annual Retraining Program

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What's My Fine DVD: OSHA Annual Retraining Program

Employees complain it’s a waste of time – they “know it all” already. Yet mistakes are made every day, and that puts staff and patient safety at risk, and increases the chance that your practice will be slapped with hefty fines for noncompliance.

Just how much is at stake? That’s the premise behind What’s My Fine?, the training DVD with 10 short scenes that depict daily operations at a typical clinic.  

In each scenario healthcare workers make various mistakes that are violations of OSHA standards. Your staff identify these mistakes and note them in the workbook (included on the CD-ROM). The DVD host then discusses each scene, points out each item that was done incorrectly, and talks about the right way to handle each issue. Fines for non-compliance are assigned to each mistake.

This interactive, game show-type program is a fun and fast-paced way to make sure your staff complete annual retraining – and actually remember what they learned.

Your training DVD runs approximately 45 minutes and maybe re-used yearly.

Everything you need to conduct training is included, from the trainer’s guide with course objectives and steps for administering a successful program, to the learner’s workbook and a final exam, which you can keep on file as proof of training.