Unannounced Surveys: Are You Ready?

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Unannounced Surveys: Are You Ready?

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Unannounced Surveys: Are You Ready?

Train your staff to expect the unexpected . . .

Surveyors from the JCAHO, CMS, and state agencies can show up at your facility on any given day with little to no advance warning, disrupting even the most prepared hospitals. Your staff must be calm, confident, and ready to provide quality patient care all the time—regardless of who is visiting your facility.

HCPro is excited to introduce Unannounced Surveys: Are You Ready? In under 20 minutes, this video is designed to prepare staff for unannounced surveys of all types.

Unannounced Surveys: Are You Ready? provides tips and advice on how to deal with surveyors from any agency while focusing on their most important job: patient care. After watching the video, staff should feel confident and prepared to deal with all types of surveyors—announced or not.

Using our popular wrong way/right way scenarios, this video will provide your staff with:

  • a general explanation of what to expect from all types of unannounced surveys
  • guidelines to react to the arrival of an unannounced surveyor
  • easy-to-use strategies for answering even the toughest surveyor questions
  • tips for juggling surveyor demands with their all-important patient care responsibilities

Who should buy this video?

  • survey coordinators
  • quality managers/directors
  • performance improvement professionals
  • patient safety officers
  • medical staff leaders
  • senior managers and directors
  • administrators

Bonus FREE gift!

In addition to the first-rate training provided in Unannounced Surveys: Are You Ready?, you'll also receive a pack of 25 laminated survey pocket cards FREE with your order. Easy to carry and easy to display, these pocket-sized cards serve as a reminder for staff to stay calm and prepared during survey time. On each card you'll find 10 tips for a successful survey, as well as valuable information about how to answer surveyor questions. Your staff will benefit from expert tips such as:

  • Patient care comes first. If you need to leave a surveyor to check on a patient, be polite and offer to meet the surveyor again as soon as possible.
  • Use open body language. Stand facing the surveyor in a comfortable, confident manner. Do not cross your arms, and make eye contact.
  • Never provide an impromptu hospital tour. Escort surveyors directly to the appropriate person.

It's never too soon to start preparing your staff for an unannounced survey!

The HCPro Risk-Free Guarantee!

To preview a copy of the video risk-free (just return the video within 7 days and all charges will be canceled) or to get money-saving discount rates for bulk orders, call 888/209-6554.